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Global warming effects

Gaston in Argentina

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I'm hesitant to say man wouldn't survive, but there are definitely global events that humans would be unlikely to survive.  If human impact causes the globe to become super heated or like a permanent nuclear winter then obviously survival is unlikely.  Both are possibilities if the planetary cycle spirals out of control and away from the normal heating and cooling cycles.  Again, the chances of either happening are unknown, which is why it is safer to err on the side of caution and try to eliminate any threat of human impact on global change, but, with so many humans, the best we can hope to do is reduce our impact.   Even if we all went back to living in an agrarean society our impact would still be substantial due to our population.


Corey Lucas-Divers

Dorset, UK

Ave Jul High 72F/22C (91F/33C Max)

Ave Jul Low 52F/11C (45F/7C Min)

Ave Jan High 46F/8C (59F/15C Max)

Ave Jan Low 34F/1C (21F/-6C Min)

Ave Rain 736mm pa

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Why oh why doesn't anyone ever talk about the real cause of global warming (or cooling for that matter).  You can't miss it.  It's responsible for what we call "day".


Humanist chafe at the notion that they're not in control of things, even the climate.  Howz about we depersonalize it and call it force majeure.


USDA Zone 9a/b, AHS Heat Zone 9, Sunset Zone 28

49'/14m above sea level, 25mi/40km to Galveston Bay

Long-term average rainfall 47.84"/1215mm

Near-term (7yr) average rainfall 55.44"/1410mm

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On 11/23/2006 at 9:34 PM, STEVE IN SO CAL said:

I heard on the online radio last week that pollution may actually be SLOWING global warming. Seems it helps difuse the suns rays. Once again, depends on which side of the argument you fall...

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