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foliage and tropical plants at the FNATS Landscape trade show in Orlando

Eric in Orlando

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Here are some of the more unusual foliage and tropical plants I saw at the FNATS Landscape trade show last week here in Orlando.

Agave 'Cornelius'


Dyckia 'Cherry Cola'


Musa 'Black Thai'




Orlando, FL

zone 9b/10a

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Alocasia 'Sting Ray'


Colocasia esculenta 'Mojito'


Caladium 'Starburst'


Begonia 'Caribbean Corsair'



Orlando, FL

zone 9b/10a

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Begonia 'Raspberry Moon'


Codiaeum variegatum 'Magnificent'- Croton


Codiaeum variegatum 'Zanzibar'- Croton


Beaucarnea recurvata 'Gold Star'- Ponytail



Orlando, FL

zone 9b/10a

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Bambusa vulgaris 'Wamin'- Swollen Timber Bamboo


Bougainvillea tree


Trachelospermum asiaticum 'Ogon Nishiki'- Asian Jasmine


Olea europea 'Frantoio'- Olive Tree



Orlando, FL

zone 9b/10a

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It looks like they had some interesting plants as usual this year. I have that black banana growing in the yard and it absolutely looks beautiful. Ten times better than in the photo. And that's no knock on your picture either. I'm wondering if it produces edible bananas though.

How was the turnout of visitors? Did you get a chance to talk to the vendors and what they were saying?


Searle Brothers Nursery Inc.

and The Rainforest Collection.

Southwest Ranches,Fl.

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Eric, thanks for the pictures.I went to that show when I worked for Disney.I think it is difficult for most people to imagine how large some of the displays are.

El Oasis - beach garden, distinct wet/dry season ,year round 20-38c

Las Heliconias - jungle garden ,800m elevation,150+ inches rainfall, year round 15-28c

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Look at that A. stingray... If only mine would grow that big :rolleyes:

Regards, Ari :)

Ari & Scott

Darwin, NT, Australia

-12°32'53" 131°10'20"

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Hey Eric--

Looks like some cool stuff, esp. the Trachelospermum.

I didn't get to make it by, unfortunately; had to drive up to Atlanta :angry:

SoCal and SoFla; zone varies by location.

'Home is where the heart suitcase is'...


"If, as they say, there truly is no rest for the wicked, how can the Devil's workshop be filled with idle hands?"

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I liked these pictures of new(...to me at least) plants Eric.

See if you can post some more from this show.

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