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San Carlos, Sonora

Lee in AZ

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Earlier this month Richard from TX, Zac from NC, and I went to Sonora and traveled through out the center of the state.  

It was tough, having to come back from San Carlos.

There's no shortage of Roystonea regia and C. nucifera there, nor Delonix regia.







Not bad for 28.0° N.


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Excellent droolable swoonable pics.

Happy Gardening



Queensland, Australia.

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Easy for you to say, Wal..

Looks like parts of Palm Springs....Looks like it could get cold there...if they can grow cocos, then why are they all here?

If global warming means I can grow Cocos Nucifera, then bring it on....

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Dear Lee,

Nice photos, :)  and seeing it i felt that it was like some location in S.India.this is how exactly south india appears(perticularly a state called Kerala)popularly known as "Gods Own Country".

love conquers all..



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Lee, great photos.  Do you, Zac or Rich have any pictures of some of the other (native) palms of Sonora such as Sabal uresana?  An especially silver form of that palm is most stunning.  Love to see a pic or two.

Hawaii Island (Big Island), leeward coast, 19 degrees N. latitude, south Kona mauka at approx. 380m (1,250 ft.) and about 1.6 km (1-mile) upslope from ocean.


No record of a hurricane passing over this island (yet!).  

Summer maximum rainfall - variable averaging 900-1150mm (35-45") - Perfect drainage on black volcanic rocky soil.  

Nice sunsets!

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Awesome pics in a place that in the back ground looks pretty similar to where I live!

What are the climate charectaristics where those coco's and cubans are thriving?

Great shots.


Chandler, Arizona

USDA Hardiness Zone 9b(Warming to 10a)

Lowest Temps (usually) in the upper 20's

(Freeze of '07 lowest temp was 18dF)

Highest temps (usually) in the triple digit teens

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