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chamaedorea tepijilote


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I have 5 triple plantings of two leaf seedlings . They sprouted last fall and are in 2 litre plastic coke bottles. Would be glad to trade all for something of greater value.

I am looking for seedlings of......................


C. radicalis

A. engleri

A. micrantha

Sabal bermudana

Sabal maritima

Sabal uresana

Dypsis decipiens

Parajubaea sunkha

Fordoche, LA

USDA zone 8b

National Arbor Day zone 9

AHS zone 9

Sunset zone 28

Gulf Coast climate with long hot and humid growing season, but short winters are cold and wet with several frosts. Typical lowest temp of between 22F-26F each winter with around a dozen or so nights below freezing.

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