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Strong Santa Ana Winds


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This is Palm Talk, not Western U.S. Weather [http://westernusawx.com/forums/index.php?] where you are banned for making outrageous forecast statements. I do not want to get into a conflict with you but merely ask you to be credible if you want to warn palm growers about the weather. You read the models & make a prediction a week ahead when responsible meteorologists factor in the huge possibility that things can change & qualify the forecast. That is all that I am asking you to do. The fun of studying weather data\ models & making predictions is fine. You refer to it as your "hobby" as it is mine hobby & why I also post opinions\ observations on weather websites that would probably be inappropriate or just plain boring for this site. But I also love palm trees so if I can keep other gardeners aware of what might be helpful in protecting their trees than the two hobbies occasionally merge.

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Los Angeles/Pasadena

34° 10' N   118° 18' W

Elevation: 910'/278m

January Average Hi/Lo: 69F/50F

July Average Hi/Lo: 88F/66F

Average Rainfall: 19"/48cm

USDA 11/Sunset 23


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Disagreements are fine and healthy here on PalmTalk as long as they do not become personal and impolite. This discussion may have already crossed that line.

But I think it is interesting to note how passionate weather discussions can become between "weather nuts," just as the same occurs among "palm nuts." However, please keep it to a cordial discussion about the topic, not about each other.

Thanks to those of you who help make this a fun and friendly forum.

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Thank you. I took it to PM and that is where I intended on keeping it.

If anyone wants to contact me I'll update my profile to the messengers and such. I always enjoy talking off forums into "real-time" chat.


Kevin Martin - Meteorologist

Southern California Weather Authority

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