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Plant Heat Zone Map


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(chris78 @ Oct. 23 2006,16:23)

All the weather charts list wet bulb and dew point as two different readings. And your chart put it as one in the same.

Wet bulb and dewpoint are two different readings.

However, at 100% RH, wetbulb, dry bulb and dewpoint are all the same.  

If you look carefully down the middle of the chart at a 45 degree angle youll see the words "Wet Bulb Temperatures" between the 50% and 20% RH lines.

The wet bulb temperatures run up and down these angled lines until they intersect at the 100% RH curve, which then represents the dewpoint.

Heres an example of how to use these charts---

Say one measures a dry bulb temperature of 80F and a wet bulb of 60F.  This would place one right on the 30% RH curve.

Now, go directly to the left of that point until you intersect the dewpoint curve.  Youll come to about 45F.  Thus, at a measured 80F drybulb and 60F wetbulb, the dewpoint is about 45F.


Palm Harbor, FL 10a / Ft Myers, FL 10b

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(spockvr6 @ Oct. 23 2006,21:10)


(happ @ Oct. 23 2006,21:03)



Your graphics/data are a definite plus.  It will be great receiving your reports this winter.  

Winter reports may start tonight Happ!

At 915PM its 67F with a dewpoint way down at 45F.....lots of room to cool off tonight before that moisture can start to fall out and hold temps steady :D

However, earlier this evening the dewpoints were in the upper 30's!


9:15PM - Pacific Time

Temp : 73.9

RH : 28%

DP : 37

Wind : Calm

Sky : Scattered high clouds

There's a chance that the mimimum in LA could dip lower than Tarpon Springs, FL but with some cloud cover it probably with stay above 60F.  Mimimums in the 40's are common in SoCal during winter.   :(

Los Angeles/Pasadena

34° 10' N   118° 18' W

Elevation: 910'/278m

January Average Hi/Lo: 69F/50F

July Average Hi/Lo: 88F/66F

Average Rainfall: 19"/48cm

USDA 11/Sunset 23


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