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I am going to be doing some planting, and would like to find the following in 1-15 gallon sizes, with 3-7 gallons preferred.

Roystonea, other than regia

Borassus sambiranensis, or anything other than B. flabellifer and B. aethopium

Coconut varieties (all types)

Chelyocarpus chuco

Copernicia gigas

Copernicia x vespertilliorum

Coccothrinax borhidiana

Raphia species

Attalea spp.

Arenga westerhoutii

That is just a bit, if you have some in South or Central Florida, give me a jingle. 941-726-0524, or email me at cfkingfish@gmail.com. Much thanks!

Christian Faulkner

Venice, Florida - South Sarasota County.



Μολὼν λάβε

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