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I just wanted to clarify the purpose of the Travel Log forum. The description says palm travels eg botanic gardens, but not all threads have been about palms. The recent SoCal hiking thread was very enjoyable, but should I feel guilty when reading it?

Philip Wright

Sydney southern suburbs

Frost-free within 20 km of coast

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Feeling guilty is a fairly pointless activity, so let's just skip that option! :D  

Yes - the Travel Logs sub-forum exists primarily for the purpose of showing photos of palms from travels, whether those trips are local or to some very exotic and distant land. However, being that most Forum members seem to have a general interest in travel we're going to continue to welcome any and all travel reports. Palm photos or no palm photos.

As far as I'm concerned, the hiking thread, even though I don't recall seeing a single palm in it, is probably of great interest to many Forum members. We all have a multitude of interests, even though (needless to say), palms is #1 ( :D ). If someone is planning a trip to, say, SoCal, chances are that that person won't spend 100% of the time looking at palms. Providing information, and photos, about other spectacular activities will only increase our knowledge and desire to visit a particular place.


Leilani Estates, 25 mls/40 km south of Hilo, Big Island of Hawai'i. Elevation 880 ft/270 m. Average rainfall 140 inches/3550 mm


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