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Aech. blanchetiana enigma


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I'm aware of the orange-yellow form and the less common red forms as seen plus a narrower leaf form from Rancho Soledad. Another plant called Aechmea 'Vermelho' looks like a thin-leafed form but with leaves that can reach 6'. Any comments?





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Here's my yellow-reddish ones from Dr. Brown's Valkaria Tropical Garden in Valkaria, Brevard County, Florida, when they were first planted.  It's apparently a popular cultivated plant in Brazil, so I wouldn't be surprised at color and size variations--look what we did to dogs!


Fla. climate center: 100-119 days>85 F
USDA 1990 hardiness zone 9B
Current USDA hardiness zone 10a
4 km inland from Indian River; 27º N (equivalent to Brisbane)

Central Orlando's urban heat island may be warmer than us

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This one was purchased at Birdrock Tropicals in the U.S.A. It gets a bit more orange sometimes, but not much. Its colour gets a bit weaker during late summer (not much day-night difference) and during dark winters (not much sun).... and... for those who.... the palm behind is Coccothrinax borhidiana.


Al, can we see again your Aechmea blanchetiana 'Orangeade' - is it a selection, a hybrid or just a nickname.

Carlo, Tenerife

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