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  2. cbmnz

    Winter down under

    Having clear days this week but not quite freezing at night. Sun seems to be getting stronger already, was positively pleasant in the sun today despite only being 14C, due to almost no wind. Taiwanese Cherry flowering already. Wondering if have already had my coldest night for the winter with that -2.0 C. Last winter did not go below 0 properly after July 4th which was unusual. August is on average warmer than June in my location which is opposite to the more coastal areas.
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  4. greysrigging

    Winter down under

    Winter Warmth for Queensland - Snow for the NSW & Vic Alps! Despite a big start to the season, the ski resorts will definitely be happy to receive another 10-20cm of snow over the alpine areas! This is thanks to a large, cold pool of air that will track over southeastern Australia over the coming days. Meanwhile in Queensland it will be very different with above average maximums likely across much of the state during tomorrow (Tuesday) and Wednesday. That's thanks to a light W to NW flow drifting across helping to draw in warmth from northern Australia. Ipswich could nudge into the high 20s, which while not unheard of for July, is still well above average. Don't expect a huge difference in overnight minimums though unless you're close to the coast. The airmass is quite dry so that's going to result in cool nights persisting. A southerly change will begin to push into Queensland by Thursday and this should begin to see temperatures fall closer to average once again later in the week.
  5. waykoolplantz

    Sabal Palmetto Bent Trunk hanging over pool?

    Only if beer signs accompany
  6. Exotic Life

    Winter down under

    Lovely pictures from Tasmania even when I don't look winter at all. As UK Palms have stated we are heading to attempt number 2 of this year to break the all time heat record. We are only 2/3 days away and there is still a decent sign in several models on temperatures from 40-42C in the south of our country and also Belgium and parts of western Germany. That we will have two days 37-38C is more or less certain but it is now looking to the details if we can go even further than that. From the past it is really hard to break that 39C border. We have seen the past few years several times 40C in the forecasts, even this past June but in the end there was always to much wind, too much clouds, less heat at 850 HpA level. The only difference right now is that every day it becomes less unsure and little warmer. Forecast for the garden is 37-39C and Rotterdam 36-38C, some models are showing also 40C for my places. Also the nighs are looking to be very warm, thursday night they still give 30C at midnight.
  7. The Gerg

    Palms in Raleigh Durham Int'l Airport

    I’m impressed with the high quality and resolution of these pics from your phone. Especially the last two.
  8. BS Man about Palms

    A look at Stan's Garden

    Just spotted this Daryl YES please! Thanks for what you have posted and please post more!
  9. Tom in Tucson

    Sun scorched or variegated?

    It's a sunburned Astrophytum ornatum. Rather than tolerating the permanent damage, I would cut off the growing point then remove and root the offsets next year. Hi 107˚, Lo 77˚
  10. Oops! My bad... I guess I wasn't paying close attention to the discussion, too busy snapping pics... Correction applied!
  11. BS Man about Palms

    PSSC Meeting, Taylor and Muir Gardens

    Thanks for posting these Kim! I miss your photologs!! BUT, it was a Kentiopsis "pyriformis"... not a "piersoniorum"...or "magnifica" as the sign said. And Jim.. that was a "stiffy/upright" version of Jubea.. a bit on the slim side for a Jubea I'll admit. Many of us decided the the yard was starting to show the effects of underwatering in places.
  12. I'd get a different type of palm that wasn't as messy as a palmetto. Keep in mind it'll be a pain to maintain the palm as it gets taller and old boots, seeds, etc. will constantly fall in the pool. The palm on the pallet in your pic would probably require a 20 foot ladder set in the pool to trim the fronds & inflorescence on the pool side at it's current size. If it goes to seed then you've got thousands of seeds in the pool so you'll want to cut them before seed drop. Here there's a lot of "dirt" that collects in the old boots before they fall, plenty to grow ferns in as you've probably seen in pics. All that stuff will end up in the water. When I trim/clean them for people I wear goggles that seal to my face because there's so much debris in them falling/flying around plus all the saw dust that would get in my eyes.
  13. Sounds cool to me as long as it's strong enough to let the kiddos jump on it.
  14. What do you all think about letting a bent trunk palm slightly hang over a pool as seen in the photos. In person it looked really cool and the shaded area was really nice. I've attached a rendering of my pool design for reference, the flower bed on that side ended up significantly larger than it was drawn so I definitely have the room.
  15. Allen

    Virginia Beach Volenteer Sabal palmetto

    That's a lot of them. Thanks for posting!
  16. Hi Meg, Do you still have any Sabal palmetto "Lisa" for sale? Frank New Smyrna Beach, FL
  17. The3ngineer

    Did I mess up with my Pindo Palm

    Thanks again to everyone who responded. I finished removing and replanting the Pindo last Wednesday and so far it seems to be doing great. The fronds appear darker and the spears have been growing by over an inch each day. The guy I bought it from was very adamant that over watering is what kills most Pindos so he recommended that I water once a week. I'm keeping a close eye on it and I'll let everyone know how it does. I went to look for a new palm today and I have some questions so be sure to check out my new thread.
  18. GDLWyverex

    It's being sold as a sotol

    That was my take as well but wanted to hear someone else say it. Thanks Richard
  19. GDLWyverex

    Sun scorched or variegated?

    Thank you I'm thinking A. Ornatum as the direction of the spiralling is opposite that of capricorne. Richard
  20. Merlyn2220

    Pindo in a pot questions

    That pot is probably big enough for several more years of growth. Pindos grow roots very slowly, so it's unlikely to fill that pot too soon. The brown tips could be too much or too little water, generally Pindos want less water. I see some dead spots and irregular light green areas, so a bit of good pot-safe fertilizer like Osmocote or Nutricote may be a good idea. But I wouldn't reply it unless your soil is decomposing and becoming mucky, which can cause root rot. In that case I would highly recommend reading the "soil mix" thread in this forum.
  21. PalmTreeDude

    Virginia Beach Volenteer Sabal palmetto

    I thought this one looked nice as well. I took this picture at a weird angle. There is actually a lot of new fronds coming up in the middle, you just can't see them from this angle.
  22. PalmTreeDude

    Virginia Beach Volenteer Sabal palmetto

    Lots more that I found... volunteers everywhere! Even in small wooded areas, and they look really healthy!
  23. kinzyjr

    Virginia Beach Volenteer Sabal palmetto

    Naturalization in progress... good stuff! Thanks for sharing!
  24. sevapalms

    Virginia Beach Volenteer Sabal palmetto

    Those are some of the biggest palmettos I’ve ever seen in Virginia!
  25. Merlyn2220

    Did I mess up with my Pindo Palm

    Pindos are pretty tough, I have seen them growing in ignored pots with no fertilizer and nearly no soil, and they looked pretty much okay. I've been told that the only thing that really hurts them is too much water. It's unlikely you hurt it with a week in marginal or mucky soil, but getting a good native soil/perlite/sand mix is a good choice. Lindo's grow new roots very slowly, based in a research paper I read. Mine are planted in pure native soil with no amendments. In the NW Orlando area means primarily sand with some decomposed oak leaves from 35 years of water oak canopy. I give mine about 1 gallon of water per morning, which might be too much, especially in the rainy season here with about an inch of rain per day!
  26. gtsteve

    When to repot seedlings?

    Hi Bruce, this is probably not going to be your best answer, but... Even without knowing which palms they are or seeing a pic of them, I would think that it probably won't matter much what you do. I have not found the timing to be critical. As long as the mix has not collapsed too much and staying soggy at the bottom. (And it is amazing how long some of my seedlings have even tolerated that.) Growing conditions here are very mild/good. And I am a very lazy gardener, so my experiences may not apply to you. I have grown dozens of different types of palm seeds to give away size and I tend to get very similar results irrespective of the regime that I put them through. Could you do a 50/50 experiment and later let us know how they went?
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