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  2. kwtimo

    Pelagodoxa henryana 7 gal

    This palm is sold. Thank you for all of the interest.
  3. This is not the best time to remove offsets for rooting. Optimal success is achieved when offsets come off in March-April.
  4. If we're forecasted to get into 8b lows I planned on doing something similar to this (just more robust) for my sylvestris
  5. I thought the temperature controllers would be more readily available locally but I haven't had much luck in finding one. The low tonight is supposed to be 26 (out of nowhere!) with a windchill of 16. I have C9 bulbs wrapped around 2 mules that were planted in September and the mini non-led lights around 2 smaller mules and a Sylvester. I'm going to have to invest in a thermocube but I wasn't expecting to need it or any protection for that matter until mid to late December. I gotcha. I never really took notice to the amount of heat even the mini lights put out. Pretty impressive.
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  7. Chester B

    How to deal with cursed planting spots

    I had a bad spot like that. I dug down deeper and found the remainders of pressure treated fence post and its concrete base. It was a god awful job getting it out due to the other plants around me as I was digging. I refilled with fresh soil and a new plant. So far so good.
  8. Thank all of you for the suggestions since I seem to have found one such spot in my garden. I've put three palms there and all of them have died exactly the same way (palm just sits there for a while, becomes chlorotic, then declines until it passes away). In my case, I think it might have been due to pool water leaking into the soil on that side.
  9. Briank

    seedlings and bands available for sale

    If you have any of the Trachy Princeps, and Braheas I’ll swing by next week. Be in touch
  10. TexasColdHardyPalms

    Sabal Causiarum trunking

    Causarium grow very fast. We have some nice 3G plants available.
  11. I wouldn't try removing that offset as it will cause trouble in that spot. Depending on the species I stopped removing anything smaller than 4".
  12. Ryan - Tampa

    Rhapis ID

    Hey Steve, I would say you have Rhapis Subtilis in it's small leaf form. I have one myself. I used to think it was Laosensis but if you check rarepalmseeds.com and search for rhapis subtilis, you'll see they reference differing forms. "The leaf shapes of this bushy dwarf palm are enormously variable, ranging from a simple recurved blade to a small palmate leaf with more than 10 segments. The stems are densely clustered, thin, canelike and rarely more than 1.5 m (5 ft.) tall. Native to forests in the southeast of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and on Sumatra, the Thai Lady Palm makes a great ornamental for the tropics. I can also be kept indoors successfully, but generally prefers a more humid environment." I actually have one large ~26" cane I separated this year and three smaller ~6" canes. My plant flowers profusely, hoping that I can get a mate and get some seed in the future. Can anyone suggest how to discern by the inflorescence which sex it is? I also acquired supposed Subtilis seeds from Australia which are at 2 years and Humilis which are at 2.5 years. For any collectors out there, I will be looking for buyers of 2 Rhapis "Alicia" (Laosensis x Humilis) by Lou Hopper from CA this coming spring 2020, they're at 12" tall now and absolutely stunning dark green foliage. (www.rarepalmseeds.com) Rhapis Subtilis above (notice the consistent curve) Rhapis Cochinchinesis below (notice the straight portions of the leaf segment before the curve) Hope that helped!
  13. Now that's a bad idea. Palm will fry and it's not sturdy at all with no good top.
  14. Brian F. Austin

    Sabal Causiarum trunking

    Great looking palm and such great size after 7 years.
  15. I bought a pretty good sized Dioon Mejiae from Tom Broome earlier this year, it has a fairly small offset on it. I asked him about removing the offset and he said to wait until the offset was pretty big before removing it. It's got to have enough energy stored in the caudex to potentially grow a whole new set of roots or it'll die trying. IIRC he said at least 2 inches. I also *think* he said to use pruning sealer on it, but that might have been ChuckG who said that about a big Encephalartos Hildebrandtii I bought from him. It has a big offset that's partially subterranean at this point. You could post the same pictures and photos in the Cycads FB group for more responses: https://www.facebook.com/groups/315213375270185/
  16. Eric in Orlando

    Ficus ID

    Ficus salicaria
  17. pietropuccio

    Pritchardia hillebrandii and...

    Thanks Tomas, but I'm too old to do acrobatics on the ladders .
  18. To enter La Réunion, a passport valid for at least three months beyond the last day of stay and a return ticket are required for citizens of the UK, Australia, Canada, and USA for tourist visits up to three months. No need for a visa! Please check with your embassy to make sure! Photo courtesy of Bourbon Tourisme – Ile da La Réunion Register before November 25th to guarantee prices and availability. https://palms.org/meeting-travel/next-meeting/
  19. Pip

    Australia has unfair weather

    Looks like the suburb of West Lakes it is a very palmy neighborhood built on a reclaimed swamp. It is a nice area to live if your into aquatic sports.
  20. kbob11

    Mulch or no?

    @PalmatierMeg @Steve in Florida Should I be watering my palm throughout the winter? My 3x3’ box is set at a constant 40f but I wasn’t sure about frozen roots way down under the surface. Would the melting snow around the box be enough or would I be okay watering during warm spells? Also yes I do have a ceramic socket and reflector but it is pointed downward towards the trunk.
  21. tropicbreeze

    Ficus ID

    I've a couple of maclellandii, full grown trees. Their leaves are narrow but fairly large. Don't know but I'd expect the leaves even in a bonsai to be larger. It's difficult to make out the name in the photo but it could possibly be mislabelled. The epithet in the name ends in ".... folia" and doesn't start with an "l" (or any other tall letter). There are around 40 species with the epithet ending in folia. I could list all those species though most don't look similar. These are the closer of them. Ficus catappifolia Ficus cestrifolia Ficus citrifolia Ficus cotinifolia Ficus oleifolia Ficus ulmifolia
  22. Ittai Baratz

    Ficus ID

    It might be a Willow Leaf Fig (Ficus Salicaria). If you really want to know, you can ask Jerry Meislik, he would certainly know. (Ficus Study Group on Facebook) There are some Ficus Salicaria photos on his website as well: http://www.bonsaihunk.us/public_html/?tag=willow-leaf-fig
  23. Tomas

    Pritchardia hillebrandii and...

    Pietro, have you considered this? It will add you 3+ meters
  24. Just got done watching it. Enjoyed it very much. Thanks for posting it.
  25. RedRabbit

    Ficus ID

    It says on the plaque below, but I can’t read it clearly. Could be longifolia.
  26. - 11:23AM - I headed out via the side entrance to the shadehouse, answering questions along the way. The tables were taking a beating. Very few of the gallon species could be restocked, so gaps were developing across the table cloths. (B) An early morning surprise in the form of a gallon palm. An extremely rare, if not, ultra rare Coccothrinax garciana was pulled on a whim and added to the tables. The species was not available on Friday, thus was not on the sale list. This move was so unexpected that the species didn't have a card (I had no clue one would be put out). This is one of a few plants made possible by a dedicated collection trip to Cuba. We needed a conference among the palm people just to decide on the price. - I made it outside to find it, yup... busy as expected. Questions and location queries followed me outside. (B) A customer checks out a variegated Christmas Palm, Adonidia merrillii var. 'variegated', in among the full sun palm section. - 11:39AM - An impromptu landscape layout was interrupted. I guess lunch was the culprit. A 7 gal. Dioon spinulosum was surrounded by white, Frankie Hipp Ixoras. (B) Many customers find the Bromeliad section irresistible. There are always a lot to choose from, including many varieties and hybrids that are new as of this sale. - Candy weaves her design skill like that of an artist wielding a paintbrush. She pictures it all in her head. (B) I decided to cover the front area before getting lunch. The thrall of activity drew me over as customers were streaming in. Ryan
  27. Palmarum

    Can a Coconut...

    That could be used as a representation of a lot of marriages.
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