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  2. Steve in Florida

    Did I mess up with my Pindo Palm

    You should test your drainage when you remove the palm. Fill it with two inches of water. Measure the water left as time passes. If most of it is gone in an hour or two you have good drainage. If most is still there after 24 hours it won't matter what kind of potting soil you add to the backfill because the pindo palm's roots will most likely rot in the winter.
  3. The Gerg

    Did I mess up with my Pindo Palm

    On the bright side you have a beautiful pool.
  4. The craze is over here as well!!! Regards Neil
  5. Today
  6. It will open next Spring. Half off for Palmtalkers. That one actually sold to me as E.Long. x E. Horridus hybrid. I have two about that same size. I do have several cycads that will eventually be biting legs. Oh well, sometimes you gotta throw caution to the wind.
  7. Well like I said, I do also love a tropical jungle garden. I would love to live in Hawaii.
  8. This is good sound advice. We shall see if I’m wise enough to take it. There have been times where I wished I had put cycads where the two teddy bears are and kind of put some space between trees but I’ve come to appreciate that row of trees. So I don’t know, I just kind of want that fire pit area in the middle of the yard to be surrounded by palms. Technically I have more room (always room for more right? Haha) in there where I could add cycads for eye level appreciation.
  9. AZPalms

    Did I mess up with my Pindo Palm

    Okay I’ll throw in my .02 cents. When I look back I probably planted half a dozen palms just like you’ve discribed. I since learned a more proper method to planting and mixing in part with native soil. Now looking back, all of those palms are growing and I haven’t lost any in the last few years since. Now since you’ve just planted, it may be worth removing and mixing with a higher quality soil for peace of mind. On the other hand, one of my palms I planted was a Butia and I planted it just as you have (in the lawn, not surround with a concrete barrier) it’s since doubled in size in roughly two years and is locked in hard. Just my experience, your experiences will vary. Max
  10. DoomsDave

    Free Dypsis lanceolata seeds - mailed worldwide!

    Send your messages!
  11. After taking down the first oaks, we started on the front yard. Around the summer of 2017 the bare dirt and weeds had been replaced with a couple of large beds to give some shapes to work with. The third picture in December 2017 was the very beginning of my tropical obsession, starting with a few Hawaiian Ti and Xanadu Philodendron. I always liked the giant Peace Lily near the front door, it was actually planted by the builder of the house back in the 1980s!
  12. John hovancsek

    Actinokentia divaricata red leaf question

    I have planted a couple in the garden and the first 3 leaves that came out were kinda disappointing but now it has that beautiful red leaf
  13. mdsonofthesouth

    Virginia Palms

    I want longleaf in my yard so bad. Might try and grab a few if I find a reliable source.
  14. Almost 20 years ago I escaped the frozen tundra of Michigan and moved into the sauna of NW Orlando. It's hard to describe the abrupt transition, but I was pretty sure that I moved into an oven. Despite the oppressive heat and humidity in the summer, it was far better than spending September-April indoors and never seeing the sun! I lucked out when I moved, as I bought very cheap just before a huge price jump in the Orlando housing market. I found a nice house on about 3/4 acre of land with a great looking canopy of about 40 big oaks and a few pines. What I did *not* luck out on is my ignorance of southern oak trees. I didn't know that they were *not* the typical Northern red oaks with strong root systems and 200+ year lifespans. Nope, I had 40+ "Water Oaks" (Quercus Nigra) that have a 30-50 year life span, shallow root systems and really weak limbs. Branches fall on a nearly daily basis, punching holes in my roof, denting my cars and making a continuous mess of the yard. Hurricanes came through and mangled the oaks, taking several down and pushing others over sideways, cracking my driveway in several places. I was annoyed by basically everything in the yard and just ignored it for at least 15 years. I spent all my time training for and racing Ironman Triathlon and various Ultramarathons, racking up over 50,000 miles biking and 10,000+ miles running. After years of indecision and neglect I finally started to tame the jungle of weeds and ferns, starting with taking down about 15 water oaks and a couple of tall pines in 2015. Below are the "before" pictures, with a full canopy of water oaks and a huge crop of ferns. When I first started my palm obsession I found the PalmTalk build threads incredibly useful. What follows is my journal, documenting building my own tropical paradise in a little corner of NW Orlando.
  15. Jono Miller

    Problem accessing PALMS journal back issues

    Are we getting a feel for when the Palms journal back issues will be accessible? A week? A month? Or too soon to tell?
  16. newtopalmsMD

    Palms in Miracle Gro potting mix issue

    Wow, it looks like I have 3 palms to repot (three sabals). I am only going to keep them over the winter, let them grow a bit more and then plant in the ground in the spring. So what should I use? Should I just use garden soil (Vigaro), or should I add sand or perlite or palm/cactus mix (I have these three) or something else? I live in MD north of DC so the ground is all clay. Thanks
  17. Tropicdoc

    Did I mess up with my Pindo Palm

    I bathtubbed a few citrus trees here in our gumbo mud/clay with disastrous results. In fact I have an entire area in my front yard where the previous home owner, we believe, filled in a low spot with silty topsoil. This soil is great for a raised bed, but I basically have a gigantic spongy bathtub surrounded by native clay. The lawn here is trash grass and always looks horrible. We haven’t got around to paying someone to correct it.
  18. Well, all seed pods popped open, and we planted right away. Now we have somewhere between 2 -300 plants. (Totally lost count). Never expected that kind of success. Backyard is totally full of potted jade vine plants.
  19. Hillizard

    Chamaerops vulcano

    I'll be patient. I don't have much room in my yard for anything now but pots anyway!
  20. Reeverse

    Turning my dream into a reality

    Looks great!
  21. Yesterday
  22. Hferrell87

    Turning my dream into a reality

    Been busy on the property and decided to snap a few progress pictures. Since all the bamboo has been planted, I’ve turned my efforts towards palms. Beccariophoenix Alfredii will be one of the main palms we offer for sale, along with other rare, cold hardy palms.
  23. If I could find the real deal I would be happy to be a beta site! I think I could find room somewhere for it. By the way, I had two that I acquired as marojejyi which suddenly died. One here in Leucadia and one before that in Carlsbad.
  24. Looks like a young trispinosis so don't plant too close to your walkway unless you want it biting legs!
  25. Same with the one I have which is also small.
  26. Hillizard

    Ceroxylon quindiuense

    Correction: All Ceroxylon species are dioecious.
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