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Biennial 2008

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In order for this info not to get "lost in the shuffle", decided to start a new thread, rather than adding it to page 3 in the other thread. This is from Jim Cain:

"I am the person to contact if there ANY questions about registration for the Biennial. I am the "IPS 2008 Biennial Registration Coordinator" and am the sole person responsible for tracking and confirming all registrations. My email address is all over the biennial website as the person to contact.

The procedure is that ALL registrants get several emails from me, as follows:

1) Auto generated email sent immediately when online Registration form is submitted (whether submitted by Biennial participant of by me on their behalf based on faxed or mailed registrations.

2) "hand generated" email from me to participant with copy of their IPS PayPal receipt in PDF form as an attachment for their proof of payment.  This email may be delayed a day or so from the auto registration email if I am out of pocket on other business or just cannot get to all the emails on a given day.  In particular, there was a huge flurry of last minute registrations over the past 2 days and I have not yet written and sent all those emails -- although I have gathered all of the PayPal receipts and entered the data into my tracking MS Access database.

This 2nd email generally also either acknowledges receipt of the signed RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK form OR requests the signed form if I don't have it yet  

This email also requests flight information be sent to me when it's available so I can collect it in the database and pass it on to Rebeca (at CRT in Costa Rica) with all other Biennial participants.

Subsequent emails are sent only as needed; e.g. to advise receipt of a signed form if that was not provided by the time I sent their PayPal receipt, advise receipt of flight information, or to answer specific questions asked or generated by the participants registration, email, fax or phone..

I do not send smail mail confirmations assuming that an email address is provided as that is my preferred way to communicate.  If there are any questions about the confirmation / communications procedures I use, please let me know.

FYI, the "return to blank screen upon submit registration" seems to happen very intermittenently (it has only happened to me once when I was registering people via the same portal with information they faxed to me.)  Liz (the webmaster) has not yet figured out the cause and it is not a critical issue at all because of the emails listed above.  Similarly, she and PayPal have not figured out why the payees are not automatically sent a confirmation of payment.  Again, this is not critical but can sometimes cost a day or two delay in the PayPal receipt.

Hope this answers specific questions.

By the way, registrations are up to >130 now"

Please keep in mind: registration WILL close when we reach 200, and being that there are already more than 130 signed up as of right now, this could happen sooner rather than later. And registration fee is now $1,375 per person for DOUBLE occupancy or $1,875 per person for SINGLE occupancy.

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