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Southern California

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OK,let's get to the bottom of this foolishness:

Bartow,Fla.-27.54N-125 Feet














Ft. Lauderdale,Florida-26.06N-Elevation-0














Los Angeles,California-34.05N.














OK,what does this mean.Well, it seems an average January day in Central Florida is the equivalent to an average April day in LA.An average February day in Ft.Lauderdale is the equivalent of an average June day in LA.Additionally,the average annual temperature in average town Central Florida is 10.4F greater than LA.Lauderdale is 12.6F warmer annually.That may be insignificant to you or me but the Tropicals understand every .1 degree.That applies even to the most favored locations in the foothills.

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The "foolishness" is you posting on a So Cal threat with misinformation forever skewed to provoke a confrontation with California posters.

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Come on people... You do not own the climate. More usual than not, it owns you... LOL

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(siafu @ Mar. 19 2008,19:36)

Come on people... You do not own the climate. More usual than not, it owns you... LOL

This thread was started by Matty as an exchange of information particularly helpful for palm growers in SoCal.  But it seems two among us prefer to interject an unfortunate negatively w/ repeated insults about a climate they do not live in or understand.

Please refrain from poisoning the air with unrelated opinion or bias.  This is not a competition.  Since everyone knows So Florida is palm personified & why I will be in Miami soon, why do you keep reminding us?  [perhaps low self esteem  :(

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Happ, I apologize if the facts as deraigned from "The National Climatic Data Center"are the stuff that strikes fear in your heart or makes you squeamish.I also had no idea that the So.Cal.Winter "Threat"(?)was a domain strictly segregated to human beings from So.Cal.Your Posts of 673 and 675 respectively offered vague facts appurtenant to Florida and hence the factual response.Please educate me as to how information from The National Climatic Data Center is offensive to your sense of dignity or how these facts are forever skewed.While you are at it, please reveal your entitlement to the So.Cal.Thread as your "turf"and how the mere statement of facts can be construed as provocation?Thank you.

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i agree with most things bubba put in the post.

but to find weather informations of any place in the united states theres many different places for finding them and you get different informations from each one.

how long they make the recordsñ, where they register the temperatures, etc., all give diferents informations.

most informations i see for central florida - tampa, orlando, say its about 60F for average temperature in january.

most informations i see for southern california by the coast - los angeles, san diego, say its about 58 F for average temperature in january.

december and february are more warmer in central florida. this is true. only januarys about the same. also theres more heat in florida in all the rest of the year.

for this, tropical palms and plants grow more slower in southern california then in florida. but florida has the problem of some times very low temperatures in the winter. in high teens.  this is more cold then in areas by the ocean in southern california.

i read post from people not in southern california and to me is very clear they dont understand good, how weather / climate can be very diferent in this area for the microclimates caused by mountains, and distance from ocean.

a example - my area of tijuana is very strong zone 11. never under 40 F even in the freeze of 2007. but if i go 15 miles to other part, same by ocean, there can be same winter temperatures like by oceanside - very cold in winter low 40 in many nights in every winter.

other example - in my city down town tijuana is in botom of valley. if i go to there in the night in winter, i can find 45 F some times in night. but if i drive up the hill 200 meters more higher to a diferent part of the city, i can find 60 F.

people who live area flat, like texas/louisiana/florida and other places who put posting here, can may be under stand this of geoñgraphy but to understand this FOR REALS you have to be here for this experience.

theres many southern californias (and baja californias, my state) climates and weathers.

areas by the coast flat and hills - flat areas away from the ocean - valleys and hills away from the ocean - mountains - and desert areas all have very different weather and climate.

and in all these areas, there is many times very big differences in very small distance - sometimes only 100 meters can be very important in temperatures and also in small distances there can be very diferent precipications.  and also 100 meters can be very important when theres santa ana winds.

it is very complicated the microclimates. and intersting. in this area of the world we can grow all subtropical and many - but not all - tropical plants, of course it depend on the plant, with much success, and grow them very well.

and this can be done at 34 north latitude (los angeles), very far north.

this is whats important. what we can grow. to compare this climate and weather with texas louisiana florida and other parts is not very important. this year we have the most coolest winter in 30 years. not good for palms and other tropical plants but good to talk about.

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BS Man about Palms

Well there you go!  :)  ^^^^ What he said.  ^^^^^^

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Hey it's the first day of Spring already. :)

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Yeah, the first day of spring, and 37.9F here this morning, (in N. Calif) and a hint of frost on the roof tops. This is the first frost I've had in March, (this year) but maybe this is that last gasp of winter we always seem to get right around Easter.


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