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Bad Freeze in Florida - Royal Palms In Bad Shape

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I really need help! I am having a hard time finding a professional in the area that knows what to do with my royal palms. We had them planted one year ago, they are about 20’ tall.  I pulled the dead lose pieces off the crownshaft today and Splitting, moldy and narrowing.


Any ideas? We fertilized them two months ago after the freeze. 









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@Tiffany8282 Welcome to PalmTalk!  Which part of Florida?  Nearest big city is fine.

From the first photo, it looks like there is some kind of infestation.  Scale or mealy bugs.

From the other photos, the tissue underneath the split appears relatively healthy.  It appears that someone trimmed the old fronds off of these palms.  I'd advise not to let them do that anymore unless they present a risk to people or property.  These palms are self-cleaning and drop their fronds without human intervention.  When the leafy portion of the dying frond is trimmed off, the weight that would pull the dead frond off of the palm is gone and moisture can build up in the crown and cause disease.

A few of the fronds appear frizzly.  This could either be from cold, nutrient deficiency, or both.  What type of fertilizer was used?

Hope some other folks can weight in with additional insights.

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Steve the palmreader

Location would help

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