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My saw palmetto looks like it’s getting some rot. I pulled the new dead shoot right out. I also sprayed it with a copper soap fungicide. Any ideas on if it’ll make it out. One part of the cluster seems ok for now, but it kind of looks like it’s going down hill. I thought these were suppose to be tough. I live in south Louisiana, so it’s not cold damage. 





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Even if the main stem quits,it already has side branches that will continue growing,so you'll still have a palm bush in that spot.:greenthumb:



Mesa, Arizona

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Quite a few of my container grown ones I planted at my last home did this. 

Not sure why. Copper fungicide did not help. 

I did not stay long enough to see other suckers come up.

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Idk, I had rot on my Mediterranean fan palms in spring and early summer, even had spear pull on a pindo, it wasn’t winter cold that did it but we had a lot of rain. I really don’t know. Copper fungicide didn’t work either. 

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    • Adi
      By Adi
      So I have this coconut seedling I got about a month ago. I have no idea what's going on or what to do and REALLY need help as you will see. I recently transplanted it a week ago from the pot it was sent in. Got from fast growing trees. The soil is a mix of tropical potting mix I got from Walmart, neem cake powder I got from Amazon, pink Himalayan salt because that's what I had and all I had the money for, and loam soil I got from Etsy. It seems like no matter how much research I do it continues to die. Although coconut growing information is really scattered and spotty on the internet. I water it every 4-5 days and watered it after transplanting. I leave it outside, but now do my best to leave it in a shady spot that gets as little direct sunlight as possible. I really really need help. Before I posted this I snipped a leaf that was sun burnt which you will see.  Any help will be much appreciated. I live in GA btw.

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      Hey guys and gals,
      I am at a loss, my landscaper planted 6 palms around the front and back of my property. All have done well and thrived except for 2 palms that have been planted in the front of my house. This is strange because the palms currently planted in those spots are the 3rd ones. All the past Palms have dyed there. The row consists of 3 palms and the one on the left has done well but the trees planted in the center and on the right have dyed. This is a complete mystery. I can’t keep replanting 2 new palms every year with the same end result. I have an irrigation system in my yard to make sure the trees are getting enough water. This last time my landscaper moved the irrigation hose more away from the palms thinking maybe they were getting 2 much water.  Nothing has worked and am concerned these palm trees are dying but not to the point of no return.  Please help me! I love my palms  and need to save them…  I have attached photos. 

    • AdamT
      By AdamT
      Hi everybody, I’m new to the forum but was hoping with your expertise you might be able to shed some light on what’s going on with an unhappy pygmy date palm. 
      For the last several weeks, the lower fronds have been progressively yellowing starting at the tips of the leaflets and moving inwards, and then progressing to brown, again starting at the tips and progressing inward until the whole frond dies.  You can see what I mean in the photos below.
      Is this pattern a tell-tale sign of anything?  My usual assumption is that I’m either overwatering or underwatering, though in my experience it usually seems to be much easier to overwater.  I typically water every week or so, when the soil feels dry a couple inches below the surface.
      This isn’t the first time that the palm has gone through a “death spiral” like this where it suddenly starts dying back significantly.  I’m really hoping to figure out what is leading to this, and what to do about it.
      As some added information that might be relevant, the palm originally came in a 7 gallon pot where it was extremely root bound (dense root ball, almost all root with very little soil).  I re-planted it in the quite large planter in the photos (about 15" x 15" x 30" deep).  There is an internal shelf about half way down the planter, with multiple holes for drainage, and I used Miracle Grow cactus & palm soil with a little added perlite to hopefully ensure it drains well, but I wonder if it might still be drying slowly enough to cause problems.
      I would be very grateful for any thoughts or insights anyone could offer!

    • chocolatethunda
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      Hi all,

      I've bought a few Wodyeta Bifurcata "Foxtail Palm" seedlings and everything seemed to be well but then the fronds color started becoming lighter. It keeps growing and shooting spears but a lighter color.

      I am not sure if it is from • Overwatering • Underwatering • Disease • Nutrient deficiency.
      If anybody can help out with some tips or approach as to this situation would be greatly appreciated. See pictures below:

    • RaychHasDatePalms
      By RaychHasDatePalms
      My mom is simplifying her plant collection and gave me two of what I think are parlor palms. My dad had accidentally put them directly into the sun after a long winter, so they did get sunburnt... but you know, that can be dealt with. 
      We discovered after the fact, though, that they have huge amounts of SCALE. She’d had no idea and feels terrible. 
      What do you think, are these past help? If not, is it safe to trim off the worst branches and then use Dawn on the rest over the course of a few weeks? If so, should I quarantine them away from my other plants, since I so far do not have scale in my own garden? Idk how readily it spreads outside. Or do we just toss both of the trees?
      Here are my quick snaps: 
      (Also, I have no idea what the black is)

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