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    • Sapiindo
      By Sapiindo
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    • Alix
      By Alix
      I have a queen palm in a pot and it looks to me like it isn't doing well.  Fronds bend and droop down- with brown tips
      It gets watered once every 8 days for 6 minutes. 
      I live in northern california- the pots do have drainage holes. I have fertilized them twice in the 3 months I have owned them. 
      More water? Less water? more fertilizer?  any advice is appreciated.

    • NatureGirl
      By NatureGirl
      5 Kerrio. elegans seedlings $12.50 each Plus Shipping. Sent Bare-Root in moist spaghum. 
      Checks, Money Orders, or Cash

    • Phyllostachys
      By Phyllostachys
      Hi folks! I'm currently on a West coast road trip and would love to hear from the community and get suggestions for interesting gardens, nurseries, and notable specimens that I could visit and photograph on my way between Vancouver (Canada) and San Francisco. If you have a garden that you're willing to show, I'd love to meet and see your plants!
      I've just passed Portland and am planning to be in San Francisco for the weekend. I'm planning a follow-up trip to SoCal in the winter, so please share your thoughts even if you see this after I've passed through! 
      I'm interested to hear all your recommendations, with special emphasis on palms (of course!), bamboos, uncommon edibles to taste, as well as all sorts of unusual, botanically interesting, and zone pushing plants!
      I'll be taking photos of the fun plants among my trip and will share them once I'm back home. If you know the locations of the most northern surviving specimen of specific plant species, please let me know and I'll provide an updated photo if I pass through the area!
      Thank you so much for your time!
    • Sapiindo
      By Sapiindo
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