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Palm Seedlings in Cape Coral, FL: a photo essay

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I've been wanting to go out and take photos since New Years but have been recovering from major surgery. I'm up and around for now and have decided to do a photo layout of some of the palm seedlings I've grown from seeds over the past couple years. The list is not comprehensive and includes a Dypsis and Cham turckheimii I bought rather than germinated. Most everybody has seen photos of mature palms but few of us have seen them as small seedlings or juveniles.

1. Ptychosperma sp 'Cartegna'


2. Dypsis ifanadianae w/heel


3. Drymophloeous oliviformis


4. Ptychosperma microcarpum


5. Chamaedorea alternans


6. Ptychosperma unk sp Australia


7. Chamaedorea tuerckheimii


8. Cyphophoenix elegans


9. Howea forsteriana


10. Licuala fordiana


11. Licuala lauterbachii


12. Pinanga maculata


13. Hydriastele dransfieldii


14. Carpoxylon macrospermum


15. Chamaedorea geoniformis


16. Brassiophoenix schumannii


17. Areca catechu dwarf x Areca macrocalyx


18. Chamaedorea arenbergiana variegated




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Quite a line-up!

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Where did you get the Areca cross? A neat looking palm!!

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14 hours ago, 96720 said:

Where did you get the Areca cross? A neat looking palm!!


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Very nice selection!

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Really nice exotics you have there! :greenthumb:

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Jeff Searle

Very nice! And many of these do great in the ground and should be grown and planted more.







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    • bdtaylor
      By bdtaylor
      Guys...has anyone seen the palms around the parking lot at the Ventura College West Entrance? Although they look a bit neglected and underwatered now, they're clearly very old and some are really weird species I've never seen in person before. I'm definitely gonna need help with ID below genus level (and sometimes genus too).
      1) Hyophorbe verschafeltii? Maybe Dypsis decipiens? 

      2) Pritchardia (no idea what species)

      3) Roystonea (regia?)

      4) Some sort of Ceroxylon (?!!!!)

      5) Pair of Parajubaea cocoides (right?)

      6&7) No freakin clue...something very tall and thin the likes of which I've only seen in Hawaii. Some kind of Dypsis right? I'm out of my depth 
      8) Howea forsteriana and Rhopalostylis (species?) 

      9) Beautifully trunking clump of Acoelorrhaphe wrightii

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      I have been growing this unknown Chamaedorea for a number of years. It is a clumper with long, skinny stems and I suspect it belongs to a species of "bamboo palm" Chamaedoreas. My problem is I have trouble differentiating between species of bamboo palms. This little darling is a female and this year is loaded with green seeds. Right next to it is a (male?) hybrid Cham named after the late Dick Douglas, which I featured in another topic. Closely related Chamaedoreas sometimes hybridize but more distantly related species won't.
      Can someone tell me what species my clustering palm is? And also tell me whether it might be possible that my Douglas hybrid is male and might be the pollinator of my mystery palm's seeds?
      Mystery Chamaedorea with seeds

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      Shortly after PTer Dick Douglas passed away some time ago, Plant Delights had a one time offering of this cold hardy hybrid Chamaedorea. Apparently PDN got it to survive in NC. I never met Dick Douglas but I knew he was greatly honored on PT for his awesome garden in No Cal so I decided to buy one of their offering
      Nearly 10 years later, it resembles a non-trunking C. radicals. This year it is flowering. Is it male?
      It sits next to an unknown clumping Chamaedorea that is putting out a mess of seeds. I took photos of it for ID because if my Douglas Delight is male, just perhaps it pollinated my mystery Cham. Wouldn't that be cool?
      Anyway, I took the following photos of my hybrid radicals x oreophila. I've grown radicalis but have never laid eyes on oreophila
      Chamaedorea 'Douglas Delight' aka C. radicalis x C. oreophila

    • eacdmd86
      By eacdmd86
      I'm having all kinds of palm issues lately. Just got home to notice this new frond on my licuala looking very unhealthy.  There is 6 inches of new spear following behind.


      And I noticed fungus on the lower half of the trunk and some of the roots.  Green in areas, white in others.  Are these two issues related and what should I do?


    • realarch
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      All of the Licuala I’ve grown or acquired, can thrive in a pot, for what seems forever. These two in particular have been in the same pot for at least three years now and look great. L. ramsayii is another one that that had a long life in a container and always looked fantastic. Root bound….no problem.
      First one is L. grandis.
      The second two are L. lauderbachii.

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