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    • DreaminAboutPalms
      By DreaminAboutPalms
      I germinated a pair of Sabal Bermudana seeds about one month ago (first pic is from May 1) and sowed then after and have had them covered to keep moisture in and on a heat mat. Still haven’t seen anything pop up above surface of soil yet and I’m wondering if they might be dead or are just really slow 

    • PlantDaddy
      By PlantDaddy
      I finally purchased the Beccariophoenix Alfredii here in Orlando Fl. I can’t wait to see how this beautiful palm responds in zone 9b. 

    • DreaminAboutPalms
      By DreaminAboutPalms
      this man in Sibley Iowa (Zone 4) grew a Washingtonia to 20 feet tall by building a greenhouse over it in the winter time. Unfortunately he cut it down but still has a smaller second one
    • Flow
      By Flow
      I am looking for seeds of Sabal x brazoriensis. These used to be available here in Europe some years ago but they have been increaslingly hard to find.
      Therefore, I'd love to buy some seeds if anybody has them. I am in Switzerland and have received seeds from the US many times without a problem.
    • Paradise Found
      By Paradise Found
      Sabal's are hardy in some parts of the PNW/ West Seattle Sabal garden.  This is not my photo found on Net. Photo is from 2015 and they are still alive and much bigger now.
      The palms are Left to Right... Sabal etonia, S. causarium, and S. minor. I have a small S. burmdiana.

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