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Why are my palm tree’s fronds turning brown on the tips

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What would cause the tips of my Sylvester palms to do this? Over watering? Under watering? I fertilized them about 2 months ago and I don’t think it could be from over fertilization because I only used half of the amount of fertilizer I was supposed to use just to be safe from over fertilizing. Also they were planted a little over 4 months ago. Could it be transplant shock starting to appear after this long? 


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Looks Like a Nutrient Deficiency,


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Great chart! Adding to my personal notes (along with the verbal descriptions @Merlyn gave in this post. Deficiencies have been a mystery to me, but it’s starting to “click” now. I’ve personally seen manganese deficiency and overwatering on a sago, And one of the palms I bought had a boron deficiency (that resolved after fertilizing). My Coccothrinax crinita deficiency is a mystery, but these photos and descriptions should help. I’ll get this eventually!


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      I had this Sylvester palm transplanted about three weeks ago. I would like an opinion about how my tree is looking and any suggestions to help care for it. The yellow/brown leaves are making me nervous. 
      I had a large oak tree removed about six months before planting the palm. It was planted a few feet away from where the trunk of the oak was, but the oak tree was huge and roots were everywhere. Some even had to cut out when the palm was being transplanted 
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      Hello, complete beginner here so I apologize if this questions sound stupid. 
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      First winter with palm trees. My sylvesters had a good bit of freeze damage but there’s still green in the middle of both so they’re still alive. I’m pretty sure most of the damage is now over because it is starting to get warmer.
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      Why do some Sylvester palms look like this with short bottom fronds?

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