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Palms in Big Bend National Park

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I had know before that palms grew in El Paso and Del Rio but it did not occur to me that they would grow in the big bend. It would make sense because the location dips south and has the Davis mountains blocking north winds and there are lower points in elevation such as by the rio grande where it would stay warmer. The zone is considered 8b by the usda. 

Here are some pics before the big freeze (not mine)




and some after pics but they survive.






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I saw these palms on the way to the hot springs during two of the greatest camping trips of my life back in the mid 90s! I hope they made it and thanks for sharing!

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Have seen these palms on many trips to the hot springs.  They have grown much since I first saw them back in the late 70's.  Glad to see they came thru this past February alive.  There are/were many palm tree planted in Terlingua and Lajitas (two small towns to the west of the park).  Interestingly, Brahea bella is native just south of the Rio Grande.  But I do not believe it has ever been reliably reported in Texas.  Could be wrong though. Thanks for posting.  

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