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Joey palm (Johannesteijmannia altrifrons) - desiccation damage on growing spear?

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piping plovers


I Hope I didn’t permanently damage my potted Joey Palm.  I think I let it dry out too much and the new spear looks dry papery, bunched up like an accordion.  Does this look like under watering damage or maybe overwatering damage?

I removed several older bottom leaves because they became dry brittle . I don’t think it’s a humidity issue going on as this plant has grown fine in below 50% humidity indoors and for a long while it’s been above 60% - 70%.

My mistake : My palms have been pushed to the back of sunroom, out of reach for my careful regular checks for watering.  With limited time I’ve been watering more on a weekly schedule rather than as needed for each palm.  I know, not best practices.

Since I bought 20 anthuriums this year, much of my focus has been on them and not the palms.  

Photo of spear and plant below.

Thank you.



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