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    • DreaminAboutPalms
      By DreaminAboutPalms
      This Washingtonia hybrid seedling is about 9.5 months old and I noticed about a month ago how the trunk was starting to curve. This morning I was removing the oldest frond noticed that the boot ripped right off revealing what looks to be like the trunk rotting on bottom of one side, it’s all black.
      not sure if this is from bugs, or if that spot just kept getting wet. Other than this the palm looks fine. Newest frond is steadily growing 

    • UK_Palms
      By UK_Palms
      Apparently this has developed into a thing now in the UK. Well southern England anyway... just crazy...
      Ashley Road, Ryde

      New Esplanade Court, Paignton

      The White House / Cary Court, Torquay

      The Earls Court pool CIDP is about 15-20 foot now, but it is dwarfed by the 30 foot Robusta. That CIDP will start putting on 3 foot of growth per year now though at that size, like the others. 

      Splashdown Quaywest waterpark in Paignton has a lot of CIDP's growing there, which will be as big as some of the others I have posted in another decade or so...

      North Ford Road, Dartmouth

      Anyone got any photos of big CIDP's towering over pools? These UK ones are a work in progress still obviously. I know a lot of people are against the idea of growing CIDP's next to pools and having them tower over eventually like the ones in the first picture I posted. I know some people feel the same with Washies and many other big/tall palms. Personally, I love the look of it. 
    • DreaminAboutPalms
      By DreaminAboutPalms
      this man in Sibley Iowa (Zone 4) grew a Washingtonia to 20 feet tall by building a greenhouse over it in the winter time. Unfortunately he cut it down but still has a smaller second one
    • DreaminAboutPalms
      By DreaminAboutPalms
      Trying to grow a triple trunked robusta trip and wondering if anyone has any tips or advice. I’ve germinated 3 seeds and placed them close together in a pot, are they too close together? 

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