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Allagoptera Arenaria Coming Full Circle

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October 2011, I had purchased this from a "Palm Talker".  It seemed to take a couple of years  before it was showing any growth.  I liked the 24 deg. F low, no weapons, it could take the heat / low humidity I have to deal with.  My current photo is more of a close up as it has a large P.  Theophrasti dominating attention behind it.  The "corn cob on a stick" looking seed pod presented itself last year, but I didn't see any pollen being offered to it.  This year the seed pod was fully developed, but again, I wasn't seeing the pollen contribution.  The last week of September, individual seeds would raise from the cob, then get released.  The seeds collected look like Halloween Candy Corn and that fruit is easily removed.  I had concerns that these would not germinate, but in the last 3 days.....4 of the 21 seeds sown have started The Circle of Life.  7 weeks to germinate in my converted ice chest, 40 watt drop light, lid raised 1" and it sees 80-85 deg. F 24/7 which I water each day due to evaporation.





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