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Re potting Kentia

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Hi there,

I own a Kentia palm (2 stems actually) which I found in a bin a few years ago and is growing back well. 
I want to ask you guys for advice about the position they are currently growing, which is a bit inconvenient to place in my house.

As you can see from the images they are kind of V shape positioned so the foliages are spreading horizontally more then vertically.
I know that Kentia are particularly sensible about repotting and messing with roots in general so my questions are:
Do you think it possible to split and reposition them in a more vertical manner?
If possible, can you advise me how to deal with the roots and the process?
If it is not a feasible option could you suggest me a technique to "direct" the stems?
Thank you very much in advance for your help,




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piping plovers
6 hours ago, Dadocreate said:

I own a Kentia palm (2 stems actually) which I found in a bin a few years ago and is growing back well. 
I want to ask you guys for advice about the position they are currently growing, which is a bit inconvenient to place in my house.

You’ve done a great job rescuing that plant.

To avoid separating them and the risk of root disturbance, you might want to try to straighten the leaning palm. I would use string or wire to tie the two palm plants together more to a middle upright position. You can use a thick bamboo stake as well to help straighten the palms.  Not sure how flexible they are though.  

If that doesn’t work then I would remove the pot, and gently try to separate the two palms. Be careful as possible untangling the roots from each other. I have successfully done this with mine.  Using water to help separate if needed. You will hear different sides to this some saying they don’t really like root disturbance; and some have posted how resilient they are.  

If you can separate them without too much damage, then repot them together close and as straight as the 2 root balls will allow in as small a pot that they will fit. Might be helpful to use string to bind the palms together straight or they will likely lean away from each other when establishing in pot.  Or you can repot separately each to a smaller pot.

Smallest pot possible and well draining potting mix are key to success in my experience.  Remove standing water in any saucer after watering.

Good luck and keep us posted on how it goes!


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Wow, those two are incredibly close. In fact, when I first saw the pic, I thought it was another species (something suckering), but now think it is Howea/Kentia, which IS a solitary species but frequently grown as multiples.  From my own experience, I think they grow better as singles, not multiples.  Having said that, I've read that they are not somewhat temperamental when you mess with their roots.  If you do separate as suggested above (I like the idea or using water, maybe a hose to help with this), I would NOT do this in October, I would wait until the Spring when days are getting longer and it's more humid. It they were mine, it would be in May or June and then they'd go into a shaded protected, outdoor area until they acclimate to the operation. PS., Nice to see it got to a good home!

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    • elsi
      By elsi
      I bought Kentia palm in 22cm pot (the photo in a box).  I repotted the Kentia into 33cm pot  as the original pot was broken.
      I haven't touch much the root and kept the surrounding old soil.  Only put new soil around it. 
      I used Plant mix (Kings House Plant Mix - 10l | Compost and Mixes | Kings)   about 8 litre.  
      It has been only one day since repotting.  
      I am a bit scared if I used too big pot.  It seems like more pale and yellowish leaves with wet top soil.
      How long should I wait to see if the top soil and deep soil dry? 
      Should I leave it outside (under the sun with roof) to dry or bring the plant inside? I will use indoor 43cm cache-pot.
      And why some leaves are wide and crumpled? 
      Should I take the small dry branch at the bottom off? why is it dry? (When I bought this Kentia,  this dry leave were there)
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      I got my kentia palm 2 months ago. I have been watering it once a week. Recently I fell down and I added some more soil and watered it but this time the soil got soggy. And after one week it is still very wet and soggy. 
      If it's a situation of over watering, help me with the solutions. 

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      Hello All,
      I really appreciate all the help I've been given on this forum. I'd also would like to know if my Dioon Spinulosa is ready to flush? The fur make me think it is. Plus should I repot my guy or wait until the flush? I'm thinking a nice 10g because its in its 7g nursery pot I bought it in. Thank You!
    • leiling.ng@outlook.com
      By leiling.ng@outlook.com
      Hi all,
      I have made a post a while ago regarding worries that plague me about my Kentia palm. The lower branches started drying up and died earlier this year, which, to my relief, many of you viewed as normal plant behavior.
      However, now the more "healthy looking" spears are replicating this behavior. This time, they start drying up at the tip - I've read somewhere that this is a sign of overwatering. But I always make sure to leave enough time (around 10 days) in the watering cycle. 
      Also, the spears are starting to become "too heavy" for the soil and the whole plant is drooping. Not sure if I am overreacting here. But as you will see in the pictures, the roots of the plant are starting to "come out" or at least weaken?
      Please can you help me find a solution or let me know if I am overreacting :(? 
      Thanks everyone,

    • leiling.ng@outlook.com
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      Hi all,
      plant newbie here who got this beautiful Kentia Howea gifted to my birthday. The gardener advised to water every 10 days with 700ml of water, which I closely followed. Over time, I noticed a that the leaves were drying out, so I increased the rate of watering after consulting with my neighbor (who is also well-versed in plantcare).
      This went on for 1 month until I left my apartment over the Christmas break. When I returned 1 week later, I noticed that some of the palms had started drying out - they lose their color, turn yellow/grey and crisp. Some of the leaves also develop spots. I tried googling for overwatering symptoms or root rot, but to no avail. When inspecting the roots, the palm seems fine. Couldn't spot any spider mites or other insects either.
      I also made sure to water at a more careful pace now and add fertilizer to my water (not sure if this helps). In terms of location, I have moved her around - closer to the window, where she is currently placed, and further out in the corner with less light. Didn't seem to do much of a difference. 
      Does anyone of you happen to know what might be going on? It has spread to all the lower palms (i.e. the ones closer to the soil) but now a large palm is affected and I'm really worried it might spread further.
      I appreciate any insights.
      Thank you,

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