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    • husmenusta
      By husmenusta
      Hello, complete beginner here so I apologize if this questions sound stupid. 
      I have licuala grandis I purchased last july, and the store I bought said you need to replant in next April or so I have questions about that. Living in Ankara, Turley.
      1 - I have some browning/yellowing on the tips only, can I do something about that? What is the probable reasons for that?
      2 - My current pot is 25 cm in diameter, so I was thinking getting 35cm in diamater? 
      3 - Any special kind of soil mixture I need to use for this palm? 
      4 - Should I use any fertiziler after repotting? 
      5 - Any advice in general how to take care of better?
      Thank you kindly for your answers.

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    • elsi
      By elsi
      I bought Kentia palm in 22cm pot (the photo in a box).  I repotted the Kentia into 33cm pot  as the original pot was broken.
      I haven't touch much the root and kept the surrounding old soil.  Only put new soil around it. 
      I used Plant mix (Kings House Plant Mix - 10l | Compost and Mixes | Kings)   about 8 litre.  
      It has been only one day since repotting.  
      I am a bit scared if I used too big pot.  It seems like more pale and yellowish leaves with wet top soil.
      How long should I wait to see if the top soil and deep soil dry? 
      Should I leave it outside (under the sun with roof) to dry or bring the plant inside? I will use indoor 43cm cache-pot.
      And why some leaves are wide and crumpled? 
      Should I take the small dry branch at the bottom off? why is it dry? (When I bought this Kentia,  this dry leave were there)
      Thanks to help this complete beginner.

    • Rp11
      By Rp11
      I got my kentia palm 2 months ago. I have been watering it once a week. Recently I fell down and I added some more soil and watered it but this time the soil got soggy. And after one week it is still very wet and soggy. 
      If it's a situation of over watering, help me with the solutions. 

    • Mr.Piriyakul
      By Mr.Piriyakul
      Hello All,
      I really appreciate all the help I've been given on this forum. I'd also would like to know if my Dioon Spinulosa is ready to flush? The fur make me think it is. Plus should I repot my guy or wait until the flush? I'm thinking a nice 10g because its in its 7g nursery pot I bought it in. Thank You!
    • leiling.ng@outlook.com
      By leiling.ng@outlook.com
      Hi all,
      I have made a post a while ago regarding worries that plague me about my Kentia palm. The lower branches started drying up and died earlier this year, which, to my relief, many of you viewed as normal plant behavior.
      However, now the more "healthy looking" spears are replicating this behavior. This time, they start drying up at the tip - I've read somewhere that this is a sign of overwatering. But I always make sure to leave enough time (around 10 days) in the watering cycle. 
      Also, the spears are starting to become "too heavy" for the soil and the whole plant is drooping. Not sure if I am overreacting here. But as you will see in the pictures, the roots of the plant are starting to "come out" or at least weaken?
      Please can you help me find a solution or let me know if I am overreacting :(? 
      Thanks everyone,

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