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    • Karts
      By Karts
      hi there,
      My exboyfriend has gifted me this lovely plant.
      I have tried to research and ID the plant myself  -  came up with E. natalensis or E. altensteini.
      Would love some expert advice.
      Thanks so much

    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      Autumn 2021 has been mild here in Southern California, and it appears from a very unscientific, anecdotal basis that some of the Encephalartos cones are cracking open earlier than normal this year.  I'm seeing it about a month earlier on a few species of Encephalartos and was discussing the experience with a grower that has seen similar things this year.  My Encephalartos laurentiaunus was the first to have cones crack and be ready for pollination early.  Now I have an Encephalartos horridus that is about 4-5 weeks earlier than it has ever opened in the past.  It will receive it's second dose of blue arenarius pollen from one of Braden's plants today.  
      Only one prior cone on my E horridus x woodii, so limited to one prior data point, but it should crack the two cones it has any day now which will be about a month ahead of when I pollinated it last year.  Any others seeing a similar phenomenon with their Encephalartos cones here in Southern California?

    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      I have a number of Aloe species growing in my front area and often get volunteers from some of the smaller ones, but this particular plant looks different than the others.  The primary one that I get seedlings from is my Aloe microstigmas.  I actually assumed this was just another one when it first started to come up, but its leaves are much thicker.  I've dispersed seeds from some of my larger species, such as Aloe ferox, africana and marlothii, and while this does remind me some of small ferox and marlothii, neither of them match up to what I remember mine looking like as small plants.  So perhaps its a hybrid given the numbers of Aloe species I frequently have in bloom at the same time.  Bees and humming birds love all the Aloes and will travel from plant to plant.  I'll probably be excavating this to pot up soon, as its growing in a spot I don't really want it to.  I'm curious if anyone has any small A ferox, marlothii or africana that they have photos of for comparison as I don't recall what mine looked like when at this size.

    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      Ok... there is no Encephalartos plumosa, but if they had named this cycad based on appearance as opposed to naming it after someone, I think its pretty obvious that it should have been named "plumosa".  Anyone else growing Encephalartos turneri that can either reinforce or refute my opinion?  My male has remained solitary thus far without producing any basal suckers.
      No offense to Ian Turner this cycads namesake, I'm sure it was a well deserved naming.

    • UK_Palms
      By UK_Palms
      Hi, first of all I apologise if I am not allowed to post here, or ask about seeds in this thread. I am not an IPS member, although I may join soon. Hopefully this thread does not get removed.
      I have been having a nightmare the past few years trying to obtain certain hybrid seeds. It is still very difficult over here in the UK to source certain palms, especially hybrids. There are a number of types I have been looking out for, but I have not been able to get hold of them. For ages they were not available on RarePalmSeeds, then when I did finally manage to order some, the package never arrived. I also finally spotted some Jubaea x Syagrus on the bay, which I promptly ordered, however I was sent regular Jubaea seeds that still have not germinated after 9 months. Likewise, I ordered some mule palm seeds as well but received regular Butia Odorata. Only 1 has germinated so far and it is definitely Butia and not a cross breed with Syagrus. So that is incredibly disappointing. 
      Some of the ones I have been trying in vein to get for years now...
      - Butia x Jubaea
      - Butia x Parajubaea
      - Butia x Syagrus Rom AKA 'Butyagrus' (priority)
      - Jubaea x Syagrus Rom (priority)
      - Jubaea x Butia x Syagrus Rom (Priority)
      - Parajubaea x Jubaea
      - Any other interesting cold hardy hybrids
      If anyone has any seed of these going, or similar type crosses, I will happily pay for them. Or please do point me in the right direction of someone I can get them from. As mentioned, I have had a really hard time sourcing these here in the UK. Due to Brexit, the pandemic and now bans on palm imports, there is now a big palm shortage over here and imports are really difficult. EU countries are required to quarantine palms under strict conditions for at least 2 years before they can be sent to the UK, so many places no longer sell to the UK. So there is a shortage for anything besides Trachycarpus and CIDP. That means I have to go down the seed route, of which my efforts have so far been in vein. Hopefully someone has some of these seeds?
      Many thanks, Ben
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