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Chamaedorea microspadix yellow fruit

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I have come across following information in a web plant shop:


Under the light of previous information, I have observed some microspadix specimens from seeds gathered in a botanical garden in Florida and compared them with plants  of same sp already existing in my garden. The floridian plants do produce fruits, which turn from green to yellow and have thicker stems tending to become taller.


One fruit of it has also a  bloom



On the other hand preexisting plants are of smaller stature with thinner stems and bear fruit, which turn from green to orange.


Initially I had been thinking, whether floridian plants are hybrids. But after having read the on line catalogue of the plant shop, I must think also about the possibility of two distinct varieties.  Can anyone provide more information on this issue?

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Konstantinos, I´ve bought that same variety (pure curiosity, I may say...) from that seller, along with some other Chamaedoreas about a year ago. The only information I may for now provide is that this so called yellow fruit variety is very slow compared to the "regular red fruit" one. I may state this microspadix yellow fruit is my slowest Chamaedorea.

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Some photos, BTW :D




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