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Kentia palm dying

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I got my kentia palm 2 months ago. I have been watering it once a week. Recently I fell down and I added some more soil and watered it but this time the soil got soggy. And after one week it is still very wet and soggy. 

If it's a situation of over watering, help me with the solutions. 




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Too much water , it might need root surgery. Take the Palm out of the pot. look for mushy discolored smelly roots. With a VERY sharp straight edge knife DO NOT SAW, cut roots off using a downward motion, removing all affected roots. Sterilize the pot with  Vinegar and Water rinse pot thoroughly,  use fresh soil none of the original replant the palm cut dying fronds and pull dying or dead spears . Water it making sure it drains very well.  No fertilizer put the plant in a shadier corner for a week or two. Put it back in original spot..

Good Luck :D

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      I used Plant mix (Kings House Plant Mix - 10l | Compost and Mixes | Kings)   about 8 litre.  
      It has been only one day since repotting.  
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