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    • Otowa green
      By Otowa green
      Could you show me a picture of Brahea sp. Nuri please? 
    • Ernest
      By Ernest
      For you my new palm is a livistona or a brahea edulis?
      Make the difference is hard for young palm. What is the main detail ?
      Thank you .

    • Otowa green
      By Otowa green
      Show me your brahea palm
    • Coasta
      By Coasta
      Hello all! 
      Looking on details about growing brahea armata in arizona, Phoenix area. 
      Can they really take full sun here? 
      How many leaves do they only put out a few leaves a year like ravenea xerophyla or are they faster? 
      What are some characteristics to look for in a 10 gallon plant to get the best color.
      If they are blue/silver as they get bigger do new leaves not have as much of the wax to keep the color? 
      Thanks so much for the info!
    • pavi
      By pavi
      Chambeyronia macrocarpa opening new leaf
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