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    • MSX
      By MSX
      Hello palmtalkers!
      Another question to our gurus from a newbie - when is it okay to cover Washingtonia palms (day-night air temperatures pattern)?
      Some Washingtonia owners suggest to only cover the palms if both day and night temperatures entirely fall below freezing (below 0 degrees C or 32 degrees F) and not to cover the trees on above freezing days and subfreezing nights forecast pattern to keep the trees as healthy as possible, how true is that?
      To cover or not with the forecast like this?

      I have two Washingtonia palms planted in the ground this spring and by now by the end of this growing season they reached this size. What are the limits of this sized Washingtonias survival? -5C(23F), -7C(19F)...?

      PS. Some details about the plants discussed:
      Apr 2021. Before planting. Two washies brought from two different nurseries, same sized but with some minor differences in appearance

      Washy 1 (Apr 2021). Probably pure Filifera or filifera dominant x Filibusta? Grows slower, has produced 8 new leaves during the growing season.

      mid-season (Aug 2021)

      end season 2021 (Nov 2021)

      Washy 2. (Apr 2021). Probably pure Robusta or robusta dominant x Filibusta? Grows faster and produced 15 new leaves during the growing season.

      mid-season (Aug 2021)

      end season 2021 (Nov 2021)

    • MameyDisco
      By MameyDisco
      AT THE 37th 2021 FALL PALM SHOW & SALE
      November 6th & 7th
      at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden (Coral Gables / Miami)

      We have 11 confirmed vendors bringing palms, cycads, & art. Vendor deadline is OCT. 31st.
      If you would like to be a vendor or volunteer at the sale please send an email to the SFPS board and you'll be sent the Vendor Packet + form.
      Please send to only (1) of our e-mails below.     https://southfloridapalmsociety.org/contact
      Updates, vendors, & species list will be posted on the SFPS website + on the Show & Sale page.
      You can also sign up for our e-mail list via the bottom of the page linked.    
      South Florida Palm Society

    • UK_Palms
      By UK_Palms
      From my understanding, this CIDP was planted as a tiny little seedling in River Gardens, Fulham sometime around 1986-87. It has since gone on to become the biggest CIDP in London, as far as I am aware. There may well be bigger ones lurking out there in back yards, but this is the biggest known London CIDP.
      The earliest photo I can find is this one, which I believe is from 1993-94...?

      Back in 2000...

      12 years later in 2012, showing massive trunk expansion...

      March 2021 after a bad winter. It's in desperate need of a trim, which would make the trunk look a LOT bigger...
      Hopefully I will get a more recent photo of it from this autumn/fall soon. Maybe an even earlier photo of it too from the late 80's, not long after being planted. A lot of the other London CIDP's will probably be about this size in the next decade or so. A couple are already close to being the same size as this one. The London skyline is certainly changing!
    • UK_Palms
      By UK_Palms
      A few from Weymouth on the south coast of England...

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