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Victor G.

Need help with dates on palm!

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Victor G.

Hi everyone, we have these (pretty neglected) date palm growing on the sidewalk here in Athens, Greece.

Passed by today and the dates are now slowly turning yellow (some branches are already fully yellow, some others are almost completely green).

These palms receive pretty much no irrigation, no fertilizer and they're not hand pollinated as is usual with date palms. So I have these two questions:

1) When are the dates ready to pick? As they turn yellow or do I have to wait more?
2) With proper care (water, fertilizer), could these dates have ripended sooner?

Wer're zone 9b/10a here and we're going to get plenty of sunshine and warm (not hot) temps, at least for the rest of October.

Thanks a lot!! Victor





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Victor G.

Sorry wrong forum, but I can't seem to find an option to delete the topic.

Any help will be appreciated

Edited by Victor G.

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