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    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      This true-from-seed mutation of the normally common Golden Cane Palm came to the attention of PalmTalk during the 2016 Biennial in Thailand where this mutation originated. I bought 10 seeds from RPS the following year or so and currently have four extra seedlings that need new homes. These seedlings were agonizingly slow growing compared to the standard golden cane and these are four years old. They do germinate true from seed as RPS claims so maybe in the future this Fused Leaf Form will become more easily available. See info below:
      Dypsis lutescens Fused Leaf Form: $20.00 each (4 available)
      Take all four seedlings @ $75.00 for the lot
      Shipping = $12.00   via Priority Mail          No shipping outside the US. No shipping to HI
      Payment via Paypal
      PM me if you are interested. Tell me how many seedlings you want and I will respond with a quote. Give me your name/address to copy/paste on a mailing label. When you pay, tell me.
      NOTE: Please give me 24 hours to respond. After 24 hours, send me a civil reminder.

    • John2468
    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      Dypsis lutescens can sometimes be found in several Dwarf forms - Thailand Dwarf and Vietnam Dwarf come to mind and there may be others. I've managed to kill off an example of each. I bought the Thai dwarf from a Seller who neglected to tell me he had just separated a cluster a couple days earlier and hadn't allowed it time to heal. I lost the thing to rot a couple weeks later. I lost my Vietnam dwarf when I asked a palm expert how to separate my over grown clump. "Aw, it's easy," he scoffed then told me to cut at will. I managed to destroy every cutting plus my mother palm.
      Never again, I told myself. About 8 years ago I managed to acquire another Vietnam Dwarf and treated it like a baby. About a month ago I moved it up to a larger pot. It has grown much taller, about 4' above soil level. I don't know why but Dwarf lutescens do not flower or set seeds. You can only reproduce them by separating the stems, but, as I said, Never again. If you can find one, try it. They make great pot plants.
      Dypsis lutescens Vietnam Dwarf, Cape Coral, FL, 2021

    • JohnAndSancho
      By JohnAndSancho
      Anybody know what's going on with this one? I mean, I'm a novice but none of the new leaves have ever looked like this before. 
      This clump is more or less a salvage project, UPS had a field day destroying the box last year and I had to pluck a few dead trees out of it. Saw this today and figured I'd ask y'all. 

    • PsyPalm
      By PsyPalm
      Just put these two d. lutescens palms in a pure water setup, I'm curious to see how they do.  My plan is to change the water every three days or so, and add a diluted dose of FloriGro 2-1-6 food to the water after the first week.  After a thorough rinse I soaked the palms in a weak hydrogen peroxide bath for half an hour, then I carefully wrapped the top 2" of the root systems in a curled up wash cloth and stuck it all in a vase of filtered water.

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