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    • MaryLock
      By MaryLock
      The Hawaii Island Palm Society and Floribunda Palms & Exotics put on their first ever Palm Master Class - and it was pretty mind blowing.  The class size was restricted so there were two sessions of a little less than 30 people each.  We met at the Hawaiian Acres Community Association and HIPS shuttled people to Floribunda with a rented a shuttle bus and a member's minivan.
    • Tracy
      By Tracy
      I've grown both Howea species for a while but never tried collecting any of the seeds to germinate them.  Since the Howea forsteriana are pretty commonly available where I live, the only one of interest might be the Howea belmoreana seeds.  My belmoreana is holding several inflorescence and one of the oldest has some large green seeds.  Any thoughts on timeline?  I recall someone saying that the Lord Howe Island palms seeds in general take a long time to mature on the plant, but maybe I was confused and that was germination time?

    • AZ_Palm_Guy
      By AZ_Palm_Guy
      Just as the title states, just looking for some green bismarck seeds or seedlings. If anyone has or knows where to get some please let me know. Willing to pay for shipping and palm of course. 
    • Marc
      By Marc
      This post is simply a suggestion for the site.  I am an amateur (home grower) that monitors the for sale/trade category, and one of the things I find annoying is that someone selling a palm will specify local pickup only.  Of course, that's quite reasonable from their perspective, but not really an option for me unless that person is located in northern california (unfortunately for me, 99.8% of these posts are in any one of a number of southern california communities, any one of a number of florida communities or texas) - as a practical matter, these communities are not accessible to each other as well - the problem then gets exacerbated when a grower (typically commercial grower) uses the forum as a product list with one entry for each type of their 47 palm species for sale (i.e., all for local pickup).  The effect from my perspective when there are a sufficient number of these posts is that it converts the category into a regional topic only, with subject matter unavailable to me (and others).  My suggestion is simply that under the topic for sale/trade that there be separated categories for local pickup only (perhaps for tags by region) and for sale via mail.
    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      I have two seeding Sabal minors on the edge of my Garden Lot. I grew them from seeds sent to me by a PTer who collected them about 10 years ago from a Sabal in Savannah, GA. He thought they might be a dwarfed variety of Sabal minor but I am not sure of that. Each palm is about 4' wide by 4' tall and is seeding. Is there any interest in these seeds from US PTers? I plan to send them uncleaned. Let me know soon as I plan to cut/compost them if no one wants them.
      Sabal minor Savannah #1

      Sabal minor Savannah #2

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