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Will my Sylvester palm drown?

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Will this much water sitting under my Sylvester palm kill it? I’ve had it for about a month and all this water sits under it when it rains. There’s no discoloration but the fronds have lowered a tiny bit the past few days and I’m scared it might die. Will it be fine?CFDE95A3-534B-466D-890C-145BD887C6A4.thumb.jpeg.497b329c4626d4b7ee907787d1158935.jpeg7DED90AD-2611-49DA-9BDF-3865CCEE48C8.thumb.jpeg.032fa3c8ad38e1dd989d530a7216499a.jpeg0ECD164E-9743-4B8B-8C2D-F758047A9A9D.thumb.jpeg.d9df2267fc8bd184690a684c17f1f182.jpeg

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How is the soil around the tree itself? That much water standing for long periods nearby  is definitely not ideal and you should pull the mulch away from the truck at least 8-10 inches. It holds moisture near trunk and can cause rot.

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