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Trachy seeds

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I am searching for naturalised Trachy seeds which grow on the border of naturalising. 

Have been to Lago maggiore today and the trachys there look amazing. It should get pretty cold there in winter too so probably also a strong Ecotype. Sadly couldn't find any seeds on them, the once who had seed where too tall to get :mellow:


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    • Flow
      By Flow
      I decided to create this new topic to be able to document these two Parajubaea's progress. They are planted in the garden of Hotel Brenscino in Brissago (southern Switzerland). One was donated by @maesy and the other one by yours truly. The garden is open to the public (or at least nobody said anything when I walked in) – if you ever go there, it is totally worth checking out. It is very well cared for and boasts a wide array of exotic plants.
      My little one was planted last year. I was told that last winter was pretty bad for that area and you can see the damage on the older fronds.

      Can't complain about the view though!

      Marcel's monster. I forget what year it was planted but I think it was 2012. He will certainly tell us.

    • Flow
      By Flow
      I bought this Eucalyptus in 2012 and planted it right away. It was labelled Eucalyptus dalrympleana but I have always had some doubts. It is very fast growing, especially considering the climate (short summers, lack of heat) and it has proven to be quite coldhardy. The worst damage so far has been some leaf spottings on older leaves. We regularly see snow and frost down to -10/-12C in winter as well as prolonged freezes (january 2017 was virtually always below freezing).
      This tree only receives sun until noon/ early afternoon, so it is a bit leggy. I planted a sister seedling in my aunt's garden in full sun but it grew so fast that she cut it down three years ago. Grown in full sun, it had a much stockier and bushier appearance.
      Any ideas? It was suggested to me that it could be E. parvula..

      December 2013

      Autumn 2017

      It has flowered various times

      Adult leaves

    • PalmTreeDude
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      Any Italian palm gardeners here? Or has anyone went to Italy and has some palm pictures? 
    • pin38
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      I thought this was interesting. Starbucks planted over 30 T. fortunei in the plaza near the Duomo Cathedral in Milan and it sparked protests and even vandalism. It goes to show the great transformative symbolism that palms carry, maybe more so than any other type of plant. Apparently this isn't always a positive thing to people.  I know that palms aren't really part of Milan's identity, though these aren't the first in the city.  I'd especially love to get the opinions of any Italians or Europeans on these boards on introducing "exotic" species (especially palms) to historic sites and structures.
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      Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari hooked a 280-pound, 8-foot-9-inch catfish last Thursday on Italy's Po River, which is believed to be one of the largest ever caught with a rod and reel.

      Ferrari, a bus mechanic who was fishing with his twin brother, spent 40 minutes reeling in the fish, according to this CNN interview. After Ferrari outlasted the monstrosity, he took a few photos and released it back into the river. The photos were so alarming that the authenticity of the catch was called into question. But this video should quiet even the harshest skeptics.

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