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Phoenix dactylifera

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Hi, I am growing Phoenix dactylifera, at my home in the Netherlands. my question is about when I can plant my little palms outside in Spain. I have about 20 seeds that germinated well this spring. I keep them in my greenhouse,. I want to take them with me to Spain to plant on my land next month. however winters can get cold and below minus degrees Celcius at night (10 km west of Figueres, 300 m altitude) . the plants do not seem to grow fast at my home although I see the roots develop. the leaves are about 20-30 cm now, most palms have 2 or 3 leaves at the moment. Points get a little brown. would they already be strong enough to go outside? I have put them in high pots however the roots come out and I think it is not so good. Also I need to transport them with my car and bigger pots would be difficuly.  thats why perhaps they should go into the soil next month. would be very happy if someone can advise me on this. thanks, Kees


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