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      By kinzyjr
      For more information about this meeting, visit:
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      By kinzyjr
      CFPACS/FCPCS Joint Holiday Meeting
      Come join us at the garden of Dr. Rossi as the conversion of his already wonderful garden to St. John’s Botanical Garden progresses toward completion.
      Tentative Itinerary
      Date: Saturday, December 4th, 2021
      Location: 8310 Co Rd 13, HASTINGS, FL 32145
      Google Maps: https://tinyurl.com/5x8pmza9
      10:00 AM
      Arrival, Parking, Unloading
      Tour Part I
      Things to Bring:
      ·        Chair
      ·        Plant(s) for the Auction
      ·        Mask(s)
      ·        Jacket (?)
      12:00 Noon
      1:00 PM
      Tour Part II
      3:00 PM
      Plant Auction/Sales
      4:00 PM
      To see the garden during our joint meeting at this site in October 2018, visit the link below:
      NOTE: The information in this post is subject to change.  Please check back frequently, especially if you see there is a new post.
    • kinzyjr
      By kinzyjr
      More information about the fall meeting of the First Coast Palm and Cycad Society is posted here:
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