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Syagrus cearensis

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Hi Everyone. 
How hardy is Syagrus cearensis compared to Syagrus coronata?  I’m thinking of getting a couple. I have a Syagrus coronata which burns badly each winter, but recovers completely during summer. 

Secondly:  how hardy is Syagrus schizophylla?  Will it work under a tree (shady area with cold, but no frost)?


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Took these pictures now. This is what my Syagrus coronata looks like after winter. Hopefully our cold is over after this winter. It’s been harsh this year. 



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    • Marius
      By Marius
      I’ve just planted this licuala sarawakensis out into my garden. I’m in a 9b type climate zone. I planted it under a big Phoenix canariensis in an area that is sheltered between two high walls ( the house on one side and a high boundary wall on the other). 
      Does anyone have experience growing this species outside the tropics. 

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      Hey I have a real appreciation for the Pseudophoenix genus, I think they are beautiful, all of them.  I would like to know about which one is the most cold tolerant, is it sargentii?  Seems like sargentii is approximately as hardy as a Royal, but much slower growing, which means recovery is more difficult.  If I remember correctly lediniana is the fastest so it might recover from damage better, but if it is less hardy that also means that it will damage easier.  Also it sounds like sargentii var. navassa is faster than normal, but is it more tender also?
      Are these grown with success in 9b/10a areas of central Florida and south Texas where Royals are grown and might experience periodic damage?  If so, pics please!
      I'm thinking about ordering some seeds and getting some going, that way in a few years when I'm able to move to a more blessed climate than Ohio I'll have some going as they are pretty expensive to buy even in small sizes.
      Any input and pics are appreciated!
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      Anyone growing this Pritchardia sp for some confirmation? I grow one (at least bought as such), now lumped with P macrocarpa, and for second time I observe that it is hardier to frost than both Pritchardia hillebrandii and affinis. But it is considerably slower in growth and prone to potassium deficiency. So I need another grower beyond tropics, who could confirm above observation. I had a very light freezing in the past days and I today I have observed first damage signs on my Pritchardia spss but the lowreyana.
      Most sensitive is the affinis:

      Second comes the hillebrandii both ny small and the big one showed identical cold tolerance/sensitivity:

    • Alicehunter2000
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      The recent 25 degree temps tested the nana for the first time .....
      C. nana putting out new leaf....no damage

      R. excelsa #1 showing burn

      R. excelsa #2 showing burn

      R. excelsa var. "Short and Fat" ...no damage

      R. excelsa dwarf variety.....no damage

      R. multifida ....no damage

      Really surprised at the hardiness of C. nana ..... what have others observed?
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      Any experience on the the minimum temps this plant can take would be appreciated. Is their any chance this cycad can take down to 20F in N. Florida?
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