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Tennessee Palms

Mystery Sabal Minor

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Tennessee Palms

InShot_20210724_104214489.thumb.jpg.1e12b9682dfac1990a0ce7cb06ddf79d.jpgOne of my Sabal Minors has completely different fronds from the other's. They are larger, stiffer, not as deeply divided, and they have strange folds. I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't a different sabal like sabal x brazoriensis. 

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Some sort of Palmetto or cross maybe.

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Tennessee Palms
16 minutes ago, Allen said:

Some sort of Palmetto or cross maybe.

It's identical to a brazoria that one of my friends got. 

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That curve means it has Palmetto in it.   Can't tell what else.

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Tennessee Palms

It's got the growth rate of Sabal Mexicana. Which is similar in appearance to Palmetto. 

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    • Will
      By Will
      Good evening,
      I have just visited the palmhouse in Vienna and they have some really huge Sabal palmettos. Was my first time seeing them in person and I was really surprised how big they actually are. 
      I am searching for Sabals similar to the size of palmetto or bigger, which are hardier though. I am in zone 7b Eastern Austria. Got some Sabal minors but I suppose they don't get leafs as big as palmetto do they? 
      I have found Sabal tamaulipas which are supposed to get bigger than minor. But those are really hard to find here in europe. And other suggestions on big growing Sabals for my climate?
      Thank you!

    • CiprianS
      By CiprianS
      I don't know what is happening with my small Sabals but they don't seem to look ok at all.  This whole thing started since October I guess when the temperatures stated to go down but there hasn't been any freezing in the Houston area ever since. I will post below some photos with them, maybe someone has any ideas. I want to treat them with H2O2 because it seems that they have some rot on them, at least this is my idea. If you have any ideas please help.
      I tried to pull the spears and I could not do it at any of them.
      Indeed, these are all on the side where it is shadier but they still get some sun and in between the ones that seem not to be doing so good I have some that don't have any issues at all. It is just like it is happening random. 
      Sabal Palmetto, at first one of the leaves was coming out yellow but it managed to get some green under it and it pushed it out. The newest spear came green from it.

      Sabal Riverside, it has a few spots on its leaves and the newest spear seems to have some problems.

      Sabal Palmetto, almost  of its new leaves that have grown since I planted it are dead. The new spear seems to be green.

      Sabal Palmetto, all of the new leaves that it sprouted since it was planted are dead. The new spear that is coming out seems to have a green base.

      Sabal Palmetto, all of the new leaves that it sprouted since it was planted are dead.  Also, the newest spear coming out seems to be dead.

      Sabal Riverside, again it seems to have some issues, the newest spear seems to have some rot on it, something that looks blueish greenish as you can see from the below photos.

      Sabal Palmetto, the one that I got from our colleague @Reyes Vargas that was doing so fine, sprouting leaf after leaf and now it seems not to be doing so good anymore with its newest spear dead.

    • Diamond State Palms
      By Diamond State Palms
      Hi! I am a Palm grower and enthusiast from South Delaware. Contrary to popular belief there are tons of palms around here if you know where to look ! The pindo’s to my knowledge are a new thing the area is trying. There are three more across the street! Sabals have been in the ground for Atleast a few years (fourth year I wanna say, maybe more!) and are doing great. Of course I couldn’t forget the famous windmills! There are plenty other hardy palms in the area and I will continue to post as I can, thanks!

    • KsLouisiana
      By KsLouisiana
      So last weekend we did a trip to Avery Island, La to the jungle gardens tour at the tabasco factory.  It was really cool. We saw some amazing sabals and sabal minors everywhere! We also saw some really nice cycads that I have not seen in Louisiana before. Could y'all possibly identify the cycad? We also saw a HUGE Chinese fan palm. Was wondering if anyone else has been there before. Also just letting y'all know it's a great place for a weekend trip :)

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      My Sabal miamiensis I germinated in 2015 from seeds I collected in Leu Garden, Orlando, has just finished ripening its crop of seeds for 2021 last week. I posted about this palm in 2020 because it has by far the largest seeds of any Sabal I have seen - twice as large as my first Sabal miamiensis I was gifted in 2008. See link below:
      Photo 1:  Left) Six seeds of S. miamiensis 'Leu Garden' - compared to - Right) six seeds of my older S. miamiensis 'Original' (2020)

      The 2021 seeds are just as large as last year's and the mother palm flowered early this past spring weeks before any of my other Sabals, including my first miamiensis. Those seeds started ripening in August whereas other Sabal spp seeds won't ripen until late Oct. through Dec. When I posted the topic linked to above, it was suggested that this palm may be a hybrid of an S. miamiensis mother (from which I collected seeds in 2015) and a Sabal mexicana growing close by in Leu. In any case I have an excellent crop of seeds available and wonder whether PTers who experienced last winter's record cold in TX might find them worthy of growing for the future, esp. if they include mexicana genes. It is gratifying to see how much greater respect the Sabal genus has gained over the past few years. This hybrid has grown quickly and vigorously - for a Sabal - since I germinated its seed in 2015. No one has quantified how cold hardy S. miamiensis is as it is extinct in the wild and exists in only in botanical gardens and a few private collections. But I suspect its toughness will approach that of palmetto, perhaps even minor. See links regarding the history of this storied palm:
      There is much more to read about the (pure) species but little or nothing about possible S. miamiensis hybrids. If you are interested in trying this hybrid, read on.
      For Sale:
      Sabal miamiensis 'Leu Garden' x S. mexicana hybrid seeds: $0.25 each                     Minimum Purchase = $10.00
      Shipping = $6.00 for up to 200 seeds. For more, request quote           No shipping outside the US. No shipping to HI
      Payment via Paypal
      PM me if you are interested. Tell me how many seeds you want and I will respond with a quote. Give me your name/address to copy/paste on a mailing label. When you pay, tell me.
      NOTE: Please give me 24 hours to respond. After 24 hours, send me a civil reminder.
      Cleaned/uncleaned seeds

      Mother Palm

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