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Is it possible to root aerial branches on palms??

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    • PsyPalm
      By PsyPalm
      Hey guys!  Over the past year and a half I've been playing around with different methods of growing d. lutescens.  Seems like they are kind of Honda Civic of indoor palms in the sense that they are very common and inexpensive, so I started with a few clusters of approx 20-30 small seedlings and split some of them up individually into their own pots as well as some into smaller groups.  I'm a big fan of potted palms grown as solitary/single trunk specimens and I wanted to see how d. lutescens would do in that format, especially because I feel like I've never actually seen them grown to maturity as single trunk palms, seems like they are pretty much exclusively grown in clumps/clusters.  
      So far my individually potted specimens have been doing well and are turning out to be even more beautiful that I'd imagined as single trunk palms, their delicate blade-like pinnae are quite stunning in this format  I'm wondering if anyone has grown solitary d. lutescens like this and if so could you share any pictures/experience?  Very curious to see pictures of larger trunking d. lutescens as standalone palms, haven't been able to find much online in that regard.  Thanks in advance! 

    • PsyPalm
      By PsyPalm
      Just put these two d. lutescens palms in a pure water setup, I'm curious to see how they do.  My plan is to change the water every three days or so, and add a diluted dose of FloriGro 2-1-6 food to the water after the first week.  After a thorough rinse I soaked the palms in a weak hydrogen peroxide bath for half an hour, then I carefully wrapped the top 2" of the root systems in a curled up wash cloth and stuck it all in a vase of filtered water.

    • PsyPalm
      By PsyPalm
      Hey guys!  Last night I separated a few small Areca palms from a larger cluster and potted them individually.  I really like it when my palms aren't super overgrown/clumped together, I keep them very trimmed back and am trying to thin out clumps so you can really appreciate the delicate individual trunks as they start to form. 
      Pics of palm before, after, and of the three smaller seedlings individually potted
      Let me know what you guys think! Cheers

    • Palmer12
      By Palmer12
      Hello everyone
      thank you for contributing.
      I have issues with Areca Palms (Dypsis lutescens)
      Dry leaves lead to the death of the palms. 

      I have observed dry leaves, as a result I changed the location of the palms and put them more in the direct sun in front of the large balcony door. 
      I spray the palms daily 2 times like water and water them 1 time a week. 
      But the dry leaves do not want to go away.

      Please find the pictures attached and help me with your expertise to save these beautiful Areca palms.
      Best Regards,

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      I just bought my first Dypsis lutescens (clump) at a local nursery to use as a potted plant. What are some things I should know about these? How fast do these grow? I saw some big ones in the nursery that had full sized trunks. Would it be possible to separate some of the smaller ones from the edge of the clump without hurting the others? 

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