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I don't know if this is where I can put suggestions, This might be something I personally want but others may want and find this useful too but having an app available on phones to be able to use the forums on mobile, I know you can log into the site on mobile browsers but it's kind of funky and it would be nice to receive notifications directly on my device and access Palm talk from anywhere on the go ^_^

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    • Jesse
      By Jesse
      The Lanai is built and now its time to finish the job.  I would like to cover up that directly west facing wall in back with some greenery but I need your help.  My initial thought is to put some root barrier in and stick some Raphis Excelsa back there.  I have some I can put there however, who doesn't like something a little less common, am I right?  I was originally planning on bamboo as the background but the thatch ended up being way too close to the wall, inches in fact.  So whatever I put there needs to be able to handle heavy shade, not get too wide, and not exceed the 7-9ft height range. I would prefer something that can fill in and hide the wall. The light looks a lot darker in the picture than in reality since this picture was taken at sunset. I guess I should also mention that I am located in central Orange, CA between sunset zones 22 and 23. My garden theme is a SoCal tropical Hawaiian vibe (Original, I know), however I have really lost focus by falling victim to the Dypsis bug. I appreciate all the perspectives and knowledge that is available on PT so I am thankful for anyone who is willing to weigh in.

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