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    • RJ
      By RJ
      Actually planted these this spring. I planted a filabusta but a rabbit or something ate it to the ground. 
      I also planted butia but it drowned in all the rain we got this spring. I’ll try again this upcoming spring. 
      Below is a mule , planted as a two gallon maybe, it took right off without skipping a beat. 

    • AZ_Palm_Guy
      By AZ_Palm_Guy
      Just as the title states, just looking for some green bismarck seeds or seedlings. If anyone has or knows where to get some please let me know. Willing to pay for shipping and palm of course. 
    • ShaneHarding
      By ShaneHarding
      Hi guys I’m fairly new to tropical gardening started this year in may and I have fallen head first into things and have learnt an awful lot already . 

      I've already got 2 x Phoenix canariensis  - 5x Washingtonia robustas and a trachycarpus fortunei which are doing really well but I want to branch out abit and see what’s possible to grow in my area!
      I live in the coastal village of Braunton in North Devon - south west England zone 9b and I’m around 10 meters above sea level .
      I'm wondering if anyone has tried to grow syagrus romanzoffiana santa catarina (supposedly hardy queen palm ) and Phoenix sylvestris (silver date palm) I’m the south of England or even England in general with any success? 
      thanks in advance 
    • Lilli
      By Lilli
      Hi! I am new to this forum and I really hope someone can't help me. I have an 18 year old Foxtail palm in my front yard at sea level in Paia Hawaii. It was magnificent and my pride and joy.  My current tenant drilled 5 bolts holding up a basketball hoop into the front of the trunk of my palm (see pictures), obviously without permission. I am so worried that it is killing my tree and I don't know how to remove the bolts without introducing bacteria and potentially killing my tree. Attached are recent picture showing a dark streak going down the truck from the hoop. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to remove the bolts/hoop, patch the holes to prevent infection, reduce scarring, and to make sure my tree survives?  Thanks so much!

    • Christopher Dillman
      By Christopher Dillman
      Many thanks for the insights on this board. Special thanks to @PalmatierMeg for identifying this palm's condition.
      Looking for advice on a 30 gal or 45 gal palm size to go in the place of this stunted queen. This will be planted in Southern California, around Oct.
      Something that can grow to get 'bushy' and provide good coverage, not get taller than 6 or 7 ft OAS.
      In a spot where it will get full sun from morning till eve.
      This wall is being replaced with cinder block concrete. I love the Jubaea in this spot, but worried the trunk over time will get too bulbous and risk pushing it out. Maybe I'm wrong.
      Open for ideas and favorites!

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