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Anyone grow Dypsis andilamenensis? Anyone know if any are available? kept? How it would best be kept?

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I fell in love with this palm and hope to grow it one day. I think it is a stunner. I hope it will be more widely grown one day.  It has been discovered for quite a while so I'm surprised it isn't more widely grown any ideas why? Does no one like it or something.

i find it far more attractive than D. scandens because this appears to have much wider leaflets, what do you think

If anyone grows it, would you tell your story?

(or if you have any seeds...?)




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That Dypsis species is a new one to me. What a great looking palm. It resembles Dypsis nodifera, I believe.

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    • Dadamanga
      By Dadamanga
      Serious question. We have some post-covid (although it’s not really “post” yet is it?) funding from the government of Madagascar and the World Bank through a program called Mandrisika, to analyse our existing products (we are a travel company based here in Madagascar) and to develop some new products. 
      We’ve done plenty of tours with palm lovers but not really a specific “palms” tour where checking species off a bucket-list of must-sees was the goal. And, very few people have more than 2 or 3 weeks, so, a palm-hunting tour always has to be narrowed down and prioritised, you can’t see it all in the time most people have. Another thing that we know is that most folks underestimate the size of Madagascar and the complexity of getting to some locations and therefore overestimate what can be achieved in the time available. 

      So my question is, if you were coming to Madagascar and you knew you couldn’t see all the palm hot spots here but had to pick some key locations or key species that you simply had to see, what would be your choices? Either must-see species or must-see locations… Thanks in advance to all who reply it’ll be really helpful to us and might mean we can have some off-the-shelf palm tours on our website next year. 

      If you have already been here, it would also be useful to hear about tours that you have done in Madagascar, where you went, what you liked, and what you didn’t like. 
      Thanks very much. Moderator, if soliciting information like this is not allowed, thanks to kindly delete my post. 
    • Albey
      By Albey
      Hi there,
      I thought i would post an update of my Dypsis decipiens nearly 10-years after planting it out in possibly the coldest climate i have seen this Palm growing in.
      Shes a slow grower but it is now getting faster the bigger it gets. Here is the pic when planted out and how it is now.


    • Dadamanga
      By Dadamanga
      Sometimes I need to visit staff and projects in the bush or take clients, I always try to visit palms when I’m there. I’ll publish once in a while some photos from a visit around the area where I live. This is a visit to Beccariophoenix in Sainte Luce. 

    • realarch
      By realarch
      This palm just keeps getting more and more beautiful. Just dropped a leaf sheath a few days ago and couldn’t help but snap a few photos.

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      Yesterday we traveled back to the Fort Myers Palm Park in downtown on Martin Luther King Ave to check on the status of two seeding Copernicias. I also took a few minutes to take photos of other palms.
      Sabal palmetto Lisa x2: These are the wild Sabal Lisas rescued from certain destruction during renovations of I-75 about 10 years ago. The City of Ft. Myers donated space in this palm park where they will live in perpetuity. Notice that the palm on the right holds on to its boots; the one on the left does not. The palm on the left is my avatar.

      Dypsis cabadae: very pretty and elegant

      Syagrus schizophylla with seeds

      Serenoa repens Silver: well trimmed and flowering

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