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Pal Meir

My Lytocaryum weddellianum N°1308 produced only staminate (male) flowers in all four inflorescences since. The peduncle was in all cases extremely short. Is this a rare exception or quite normal?


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    • JohnAndSancho
      By JohnAndSancho
      Since I never know what order my pics are gonna post in, here's some new growth photos with tags. 
      Big Cat Garfield pushing 3 new leaves like the champ he is. 
      Please shame me for not splitting up the C. Elegans yet because some of them are getting fat. 
      Time to celebrate by buying some C. Benzeii and more Howeas while Jungle Music has them on sale. 

    • JohnAndSancho
      By JohnAndSancho
      I potted up my Lyto seedlings in as close to the Pal Meir mix as I could get. I used Monto Clay (yes, i spent too much money) and some Repti Bark at a 2:1 bark to clay ratio. I put them in 6" clay pots and was super careful with the roots because these plants were kind of expensive.....
      How soon should I fertilize or add plant food? They are super tiny, one still had part of the seed attached until I popped it out of the liner pot. I have Carl Pool palm food and Alaska liquid fish fertilizer. I also have a bottle of Super Thrive. I've never opened it but I did place the unopened bottle next to a struggling houseplant and it's since recovered 
      I also fixed one of my rookie mistakes on the Cataractarum. I had mixed some fine "top dressing" sand in the soil - welp, the sand all clumped up and clogged all the drainage holes in the pot, so - every time i watered it, it would look normal and then all of a sudden, it flooded out the bottom of the pot. The plant has really been suffering, so I popped the saucer off the bottom, cleaned it all out, and just repotted this one in the potting soil I had on my porch. (Fox Farm Ocean Forest) My other cataractum is in the same soil (with no sand lol) and it's growing like a weed. 
      My project for my next day off is to split my 3 Howeas up and give them each their own 2 gal pot. Would the fir bark/super overpriced Turface be a good potting mix for them too? 
      Thanks for any support and advice y'all can offer me. 

    • Pal Meir
      By Pal Meir
      For hybrides with Cocos nucifera or else!

    • Pal Meir
      By Pal Meir
      According to the palm literature Lytocaryum weddellianum grows at altitudes between 50 and 800 m and Lytocaryum insigne from 1000 to 1800 m (Noblick 2017). But those limitations seem to be not correct. Below four habitat photos showing L insigne at c. 500 m and L weddellianum at c. 900 m (and 1200 m imo):

      This palm is imo also L weddellianum, but I am not sure:

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