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    • Tennessee Palms
      By Tennessee Palms
      At what stage does silver Serenoa Repens start to have spines? 
    • clinenotklein
      By clinenotklein
      I've lived in Hilton Head area for literally decades and never noticed any of the native Serenoa Repens being even remotely Silver until I stumbled across these today.  What's interesting to note is I found them in an area just east of Bluffton before the Bridge to Hilton Head, an area unusually subtropical looking for even Southern Beaufort County, which has more in common with Florida than the rest of the state. 

      Note the super limey ones on the far right to get a sense of contrast. 

      These even have bluish tints.

      All obviously wild based on how they sit on the land. 
    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      I have a green Serenoa repens I germinated from local seeds and planted at the edge of my Caribbean Garden about 10-11 years ago. Left alone, Serenoa repens will grow into a mass of leaves and tangled trunks but I decided to tame and contain that sprawling tendency. Periodically, I trim leaves to expose the architecture of their reddish brown trunks. I also limit the number of trunks by removing select offsets. The result is a living sculpture of which no two are alike. A couple of these trunks are 3-4' long. I've also noticed Serenoa leaves also have an architecture. Many of them are not quite flat and not quite costapalmate - more like "wavy." A common palm of uncommon beauty.
      Hard to believe that as recently as the mid-80s many people in FL considered saw palmettos to be spiny weeds and trash plants to be exterminated wherever they grew (people believed the same of mangroves). It's good to see many communities using them in medians and civic plantings.
      Serenoa repens green form, Cape Coral, FL, 2021

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      I have 3 Serenoa repens Silver (NOT Super) seedlings to sell as a lot. They are the only offspring from the beautiful Serenoa Silver palm on the berm overlooking our canal. Here in FL we have a real problem with people trespassing on private property to strip saw palmettos of their seeds for black market trade pharmaceuticals. Last summer my palm was loaded with fruit. By fall only a few were left. Seedlings for sale are about 6 months old. They germinate green and turn silver they grow.
      Serenoa repens Silver seedlings: 3 @ $18.00 for the lot
      Shipping = $10.00 via Priority Mail.      No shipping outside the US. No shipping to HI
      TOTAL DUE = $28.00
      Payment via Paypal
      PM me if you are interested

      Mother Palm

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      I have 10 extra Serenoa repens Super Silver seedlings for sale. They are approx. two years old and I germinated them from seeds I got from Christian Faulkner. As this palm is very slow growing after taking months to germinate, you have a chance to bypass several years of waiting to grow one from seed. Silver saw palmettos germinate green and take on their silver-blue coloring as they grow. Info from Palmpedia below:
      This SE U.S. native palm is quite coldhardy: down to zone 8. Once considered a noxious weed in its native territory, it is now valued as a desirable component of the ecosystem and a decorative urban asset. 
      Serenoa repens Super Silver: $10.00 each
      Shipping = $10.00 for one plant. Additional plants by quote - ask me.   No shipping outside the US. No shipping to HI.
      Payment via Paypal.
      PM me if you are interested.

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