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    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      Nearly a week ago we took delivery of a new iMac, then transferred our stuff over from our old one. In the process there was a mix-up of photo formats and I discovered I had problems uploading photos, i.e., only links uploaded. Yesterday during an on-line training session with Apple we learned how to deal with photo formatting through our iPhones that take the photos. So, I took photos today and hope the site will upload these jpeg photos.
      This topic addresses differences in growth rates for an Areca catechu semi-dwarf and an A. catechu dwarf that were planted in the yard last fall. The semi-dwarf has grown about 6"-7" of trunk in the past 9 months. The last couple of leaf scars are 3" apart vs maybe 1" or less when it was potted. While the semi-dwarf form is less desirable than the extreme dwarfs, it is still a fine looking palm that shows some "scrunching" of its dark green leaves.
      Areca catechu 'Semi-Dwarf', Cape Coral, FL 2021

      Below is my largest and most dwarfed Areca catechu. It really loves being in the ground, too, but has shown barely any trunk growth since last fall. Leaf scars are only fractions of an inch apart.
      Areca catechu 'Dwarf', Cape Coral, FL 2021

    • CoconutGambler352
      By CoconutGambler352
      Howdy everyone. ( I absolutely love this forum and The people that come with it ) 
      Anyways, I was out and about today with my neighbor. While out riding around, we had went to a part of the county where Sabal Minors are everywhere but anywhere else in the county are few and far . Well I literally can spot out Sabal Minors in the woods, As we're driving by . 
      Long story short, I got myself one that I personally dug out. For as long as I can remember, Sabal Minor has been on the top of my Must Have Palm Tree lists.
      So, here I am, Asking for Advice/Help with the best proper transplanting for said Palm. Basically I do not want this to die. 
      Removing the fronds, would be a good idea? Let the water trickle on it every night until dawn, for how many weeks? 
      Here's the Sabal Minor that I have dug out. Like to get y'all's opinion. 
      Thank you!! Oh and Yes It's currently in my Pond for the protection of the roots,  So that the roots will not dry out/up resulting in a confirmation for dying. 

    • PalmatierMeg
      By PalmatierMeg
      My Areca catechu Dwarfs and Semi-Dwarf are looking happy now the FL heat, humidity and, soon, rain are here. Well, all but one that is planted on the NE side of the house. I hope it cheers up when rainy season starts. Our lowest low last winter was 41F but we had weeks of dreary, funky weather and tropicals hate that. You must remember that while occasional cold nights can injure or kill, a long stretch of chilly, cloudy weather can kill them, too. But that was last winter; summer in SWFL is here. I planted them last fall after I realized they were unhappy in their pots. I'd love to germinate more for pot growing.
      My largest Areca catechu Dwarf

      Areca catechu Dwarf #2 - closeup

      Areca catechu Dwarf #3 - maybe a bit too much morning sun

      Areca catechu Semi-Dwarf - about 7' to 8' tall. Don't overlook one of these

    • teddytn
      By teddytn
      Here’s all of them when I got them unloadedThis is a 7 gallon sabal minor, begging to get plantedHere’s 2 sabal Louisiana 3 gallon That’s a palmetto on the right, sabal Louisiana center, and sabal minor 3 gallon left.I’ve got 5 more sabal minors to plant, didn’t have all my spots ready for them and they needed to get up potted. Put them in deep 7 gallon pots, they are on the right. The smallest palm on the left is a sabal etonia, and the one to the right is a sabal mexicana. I didn’t really have a plan for those just couldn’t pass them up when I was at the nursery, they were in 1 gallon pots up potted them for now.

    • teddytn
      By teddytn
      Walking around the yard weeding and watering and thought I would share some of what I have growing. Needle palms, sabal minor mccurtain, sabal minor, sabal Birmingham, various opuntias, yucca rostratas. 

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