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    • Dimovi
      By Dimovi
      I am unable to identify this Sabal. The seeds are super tiny even smaller than W. filifera.
      It is very cold hardy as the recent snow storm in Austin with temperatures down to the upper single digits did not have even the slightest hint of damage while most other sabal (except for minor) got significant foliar damage, the Mediterranean fan palms got defoliated and some were killed and even some Trachycarpus fortunei sustained damage.

      The pictures below were taken exactly one year apart, so you can see the growth rate.
      Nov 2020

      Nov 2019

    • The7thLegend
      By The7thLegend
      I'm trying to figure out what I have here, 2 young palms but maybe enough features now to narrow it down.  Any ideas?
      Seedling #1 - Very lush green, aggressive root system, fast grower, looking like a Phoenix (maybe Canary or long shot rupicola) or I could be way off.

      Seedling #2 - Green with blue hue, moderate grower that seems to be getting a little faster, originally thought blue minor but it's been growing an above grown trunk.

    • chocolatethunda
      By chocolatethunda
      Hi, hope everybody had a great weekend. Can anyone help me ID this palm, if I'm not mistaken it's a date palm but I don't know which one specifically. As you can see it sprouted a lot of seedlings of which I have luckily potted a few.

    • mjj1409
      By mjj1409
      Hello all, glad to have found this forum, already have learned a bunch. 
      I was looking for help identifying a set of palm trees on my property, one appears to be thriving and the other is struggling. 
      They were placed in the ground around the same time about 9 months ago.  The struggling one started out with virtually no visible fronds/leafs and after about 5 months some growth finally started, but in the 4 months after it has only reached the point you see in the attached picture.  I'm wondering if I can expect that the struggling palm will eventually recover from this state and start growing like the other one.   Any advice is welcome.

    • sandgroper
      By sandgroper
      G'day all, just wondering what people think about the little coconut I've got as against the big one. The big one is a golden Malay dwarf, they are quite common in northern Western Australia and mine started out about the same size as the small one I have, I planted it 8 years ago now. The small one I bought about 3 years ago, does anyone think it may be a different variety? The reason I ask is that it is much slower growing than the large one, it is also much greener, the large one has a yellow stem to each frond and always has done even when it was small whereas the small palm has a green stem. The small one has never really been looked after over winters as against the big one which has always been protected in some way, up until this winter, yet the small one always seems to sail through winter almost unscathed. The small one I bought from a backyard nursery in the next suburb across from mine, they have lots of tropical plants they sell regularly but I don't know where they get their stock from. Anyway, curious to know what anyone thinks, any opinions are appreciated, cheers.
      2 pics of the small palm and 1 pic of the large palm for comparison. 

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