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    • JohnAndSancho
      By JohnAndSancho
      I gave Phil at Jungle Music (and UPS ) a chunk of my stimulus check. 
      C. Benzii, C. Plumosa, and another Kentia that def needs to be repotted and was way bigger than Phil told me over the phone. 
      Pretty sure my apartment manager is gonna send me a nastygram email, and now I really need to get off my culo and repot some things so I can give them away. 

    • GreenThumbs
      By GreenThumbs
      Anyone shipping seedlings or small plants... I am desperately looking for chamaedorea plumosa seedlings or small plants. I know it's hard to start from seed on this variety. I live in San Diego area. If there is someone local, please reply. Or someone willing to ship, please reply...
      Thank you
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