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    • RJ
      By RJ
      Actually planted these this spring. I planted a filabusta but a rabbit or something ate it to the ground. 
      I also planted butia but it drowned in all the rain we got this spring. I’ll try again this upcoming spring. 
      Below is a mule , planted as a two gallon maybe, it took right off without skipping a beat. 

    • Hyde
      By Hyde
      Hello my dear palm lovers, Greetings from Germany.
      I intend to make this thread on the recovery log and suggestion thread for my palm.
      Since last year I started my journey into gardening and soon discovered my love for the wonderful world of palms.
      I started with 2 Palms last year, a Phoenix canaries and a Chamaerops Humilis. Meanwhile I am the proud owner of over a dozen palms, some banana trees and have started attempting to germinate various palm seeds, which will be another topic.
      Last year, at that time of my first ownership into palms, I had not much knowledge about Palms as I do now. They were labeled winter hard (yea right) and so I only pulled them under a open roofed area of my terrace to protect them from the snow. Last year was particularly cold here, that extended until March this year with brief periods of sun. I was too busy with work and the snow and some rain managed to blow on to them enough to pile up and had caused damage. I was late to detect the damage and my phoenix canaries palm died from root/heart rot and I was however able to recover somewhat my Chamaerops Humilis fan palm.
      The Chamaerops Humilis slowly had turned brown and the new growth was also turning brown, although it was left under the sun and such, so I began by taking off the brown fronds and after waiting a bit I did find multiple spear pulls and I just poured Hydrogen Peroxide for over a few weeks and dried it, unfortunately it did not show signs of growth and as such as a last resort, I had to cut the top portion of the trunk off till I found healthy tissue. And the same day after cutting I saw growth, all within mid day to night. Over 3 days it was a few CM tall and now after a month it has little fronds coming up with of course some mechanical damage from cutting and all else.
      I want this palm to survive and recover, its my first palm. However the problem is the fronds that came out are turning brown and seems to rot? See the pictures.
      I have given it some sun and tucked it away from rain and may just bring it more inside if its suggested. But looking at the pictures, could someone tell me what they think and what could be causing this? Is this normal and if not what can I do to help the palm recover? Should I bring it more in? Its Particularly wet every other week here, this year has been a roller coaster in terms of weather here. Copper Fungicide use is not possible here, I prefer to do things very much organic.
      Hopefully I am posting in the right forum section, if not kindly feel free to move it. 
      Thanks to this place, I was encouraged  to learn more about Palms and continue my newly found hobby.

    • D Palm
      By D Palm
      I live in N Florida in between Lake City, Fl and Jacksonville, Fl. I planted this Royal behind my red shed last summer. It took some leaf damage but had since put out a new spear this spring. I clipped the fronds and moved it to a sunny spot. The root ball has grown about 3x the size and I plan on moving it close to the south side facing part of my house to help protect it more. I mulched  the base for winter and threw a blanket over it a couple of times. I travel for work so most of the time these palms are not protected.  The only spear pull I had were the queens but they are all nicely recovering and everything is very thirsty waiting for summer rains.

    • PalmTreeDude
      By PalmTreeDude
      My Chamaerops humilis that I had for about five years now and I leave unprotected has finally flowered! 

    • Paradise Found
      By Paradise Found
      Butia catarinensis is a small short butia only growing 9' tall with a thinner trunk. And is hardy to 14F. So far I have not had any damaged spear or leaves the last five years. 
      This year the new spear is opening and it pretty long & nice looking palm in my opinion.  Check it out and I highly recommend this Butia. 

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