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Assorted Understory Palms in the Jungle

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I was taking photos in the back yard jungle a couple days ago. The following planted/potted palms were ready for their closeups:

Syagrus schizophylla - The only Syagrus with spines, I think. Very slow growing compared to queens. I grew this specimen from seeds I found under a display at my local orange BB about 10 years ago. It was unfazed by fusarium wilt that destroyed all my queens, mules and Washy.


Ptychosperma sp - Solitary, skinny little palm with huge ruffled leaves. New leaves open bronze-y red, then turn dark green.


Chamaedorea ernesti-augusti - This species cannot tolerate my alkaline soil and dies within weeks of being planted. So, I grew these from seeds started 10 years ago and they live their lives in pots. Those stems are thinner than my forefinger.


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Awesome! Always great to see what’s in the jungle. Ernesti augusti is one of my favorites. 

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Meg, I love your jungle. Always enjoy updates from you. 

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Being a newbie to palms, it’s so cool to see all the varieties there are. Beautiful garden Meg.

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Nice stuff, I'm really doing a lot more understory stuff too as I have no more room for big stuff. My 2 oldest Syagrus schizophylla fell to Ganoderma, they seem a bit susceptible to that. Fortunately I have lots of seedlings and mature palms from those 2. I really like this palm, super super easy.

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I really need to find a small Ernesti-Augusti!  I have had it on my to-buy list for a couple of years, but I don't have any canopy for it.  My 3' tall Metallica did great at around 30F this winter, and Ernesti-Augusti is supposed to be ok at 27F and maybe even lower.  Thanks for the pics! :greenthumb:

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